Sunday Night Dinner/Live Easy Quick Chili

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  1. Maxine L NGUYEN
    Maxine L NGUYEN says:

    I just was passing through videos and said let me see this video and I was right my intuition is so good not only did your cooking look good but you have such a beautiful personality God bless ❤️💯❤️💯

  2. April sunshine75
    April sunshine75 says:

    Hi Soulful T and TT Squad!! Mmmmm.I love chili and sweet jiffy cornbread together! with a lil hot sauce on the side.. looks awesome 👍😋! Great for the Fall season 🍃🍁🍃 coming threw 🤗💚🌻

  3. Shanelle Washington
    Shanelle Washington says:

    Hey Soulful T 👋🏽
    I really Enjoy Bingo Night and was trying Join in…I have been a Fan of your Video's and have been watching and Enjoying all your Recipes you remind me of my Mom and How she Cooked 😁🥰💞🙏🏽💞

  4. Joe44
    Joe44 says:

    Love chili & cornbread! We need to get u the handheld can opener that only takes off the seal of the can. It's amazing and the dirty lids never go down into the can and the can opener never gets dirty or rusty lol Best invention ever and I've had my same one 5 years! It was fun playing my 1st Bingo game with y'all last nite!

  5. Mel B
    Mel B says:

    We typically grill on Sundays (football day) So we had grilled ribeyes, baked potatoes w/butter sour & cream, grilled garlic bread & green salad w/Italian dressing. 👍🙂🥩🥖🥬

  6. Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty says:

    I love your videos, you are so genuine. I have tried many of your recipes, the last one was the banana pudding. I hate it when YouTubers get a few followers then become all fake and everything is all sterile and robotic. Please don’t change! ❤️


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