Summer Backyard Vegetable Garden Full Tour June

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In this episode, John will give you a full tour of his summer garden and all the edible vegetables, fruits, and flowers he is growing in the summer in the desert.

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  1. s404n1tn0cc
    s404n1tn0cc says:

    Here is an Idea why not sell your excess plants and provide the community anti-Cancerous foods year round. For a fee of course. Also why not start on a book on your favorite recipe's and how to make them. I think its time. IMO What about the T Shirt "Keep On Grow'en" Growing"

  2. Chenoa Bryan
    Chenoa Bryan says:

    Can anyone suggest the best free plant identification app for Android. Thanks! I had "picture this" but my 7 free days Ran out. That app is worth the money- but I'm tapped out from all the dirt I've been buying:/

  3. ThriftyThreader
    ThriftyThreader says:

    How do you clone the Asian greens? A machine? I just bought Tong Ho (chrysanthemum leaf) and yam leaf, and would like to grow more from the cuttings. I really appreciate your videos. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jodie Thuy
    Jodie Thuy says:

    Another great video John! I wonder what or how do you eat Santa Rosa and foti? I have both of them but don’t know how to prepare to eat and how much can you consume? Thank you in advance!

  5. marilyn rafla
    marilyn rafla says:

    You are one of very few people who talk about Egyptian spinach. I really want to grow some but couldn't find the information I want, last summer I tried and they didn't do well. I grow in containers on a deck so I don't have a diverse ecosystem, this year I am focusing on attracting beneficial insects. The Egyptian spinach had black aphids and black spots on the leaves that might be viral/bacterial/fungal, I got a handful of healthy leaves to add to a salad but not enough to cook in the traditional Egyptian way.

  6. Basil Exotic Leaf
    Basil Exotic Leaf says:

    John Cohler what makes the flavor profile change in plants that you get from the nursery or supermarket once repotted? I have flavor in PARSLEY. I have never had herbs that don’t need salt. The first time I learned veggies have natural salt was regrowing CELERY after watching you and Praxxus in 2011/12. And how do I increase the bulb size of garlic that grows from one clove and once it grows a head if it finishes in late May early June can cloves from it be made to be a bumper crop for October/November of the same year?????


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