Suburban Pantry Tour – How we store food and check out our home apothecary

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  1. kathy clark
    kathy clark says:

    Hi Amanda, loving the channel. I found you via BUTCHERBOX unboxing videos. I have just noticed that you have deleted all videos related. Do you mind sharing why? I’m a concerned customer of theirs as well. Thanking you in advance. Keep up the great videos coming. I look forward to them all!

  2. silvia magda
    silvia magda says:

    We are a family of 3,we live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Spain. So we converted one bedroom into our pantry. Since we didn't use the space. I also can, even though we live in an apartment. I buy local veggies from a farmer (a friend) and can the ones that are in season for a short period of time, like tomatoes. And then, we don't buy tomatoes anymore, in winter. Because those from the store are not good.

  3. Mary Born, ND
    Mary Born, ND says:

    So proud of you, Amanda! I know how hard you worked to get your pantries clean and organized. What a sense of accomplishment this is! You go girl. You're an inspiration to us all. I hope you have a list of what you have and keep inventory as you go so that the "next great purge" will be less time consuming and more enjoyable.

  4. TES
    TES says:

    I always enjoy your channel so much. I am in the suburbs and converted my dining room into our grocery store as well. I can't wait to see you make holiday gifts again in December. That was super fun last year. Keep doing you because I love it!

  5. Judy Gillespie
    Judy Gillespie says:

    Amanda, this tour really puts your work in perspective. So productive. I have watched your videos for a long time, and I know the hard work you have put into this beautiful bounty. Enjoy you hard work this winter.
    I also like your hair.❤

  6. Donna C
    Donna C says:

    I have done the same thing. I felt my dining room was most under used room in the houseso i turned it into a large pantry. I put my freeze dryer in the foyer by my front door too !!! Most my company comes through the back door.

  7. Vida Reich
    Vida Reich says:

    I understand about space. My daughter & grandsons live with us so tĥeir rooms were my extra space. I have a big entry way so my freeze dryer is at end of it, close to kitchen. I turned my entryway little closet into storage space. My dining area has shelving around walls for canned goods with table in middle that we eat at. I have large bedroom with sitting area that I have shelves for extra canning jars & beekeeping equipment. Have # 10 cans of instant potatoes, dried onions, wheat berries under my bed. We have 2 beehives & my honey is in 5 gallon buckets stacked in kitchen, not bottled till needed or sold. I think it's beautiful to have food storage. 🎉

  8. Cheryl Miller
    Cheryl Miller says:

    Great video! Your pantry is gorgeous! I love your creativity in making it work. I also live in central NC, but closer to Greensboro area. Would love to know your sources for pork, beef, chicken.

  9. Purpose Gardens
    Purpose Gardens says:

    Great video!! I have been looking for a local YouTube Channel to watch in Suburbia! So glad I found your Channel! Great video. Would love to know which 2 local farmers you purchased from. 😊

  10. Little Homestead on Hiner Pond
    Little Homestead on Hiner Pond says:

    I just learned about the leaf fat from Pampered Pork. I’m getting 5# of it to make lard. But then I watched a butchering video of a steer and the guy mentioned that the fat around the kidneys and liver weren’t for eating, but for making candles and lubricating things. Have you heard that people don’t eat that fat?

  11. Susan Kirby
    Susan Kirby says:

    I couldn't tell how deep (Front to back) the space between the bottom of your pantry door and the HVAC return "wall" is, but could you nail in small 1×2 inch strips across the space (Nailing into the side walls – not the air return wall) and make shelves for small jars or cans e.g. tomato paste size cans?

  12. Stephen Cameron
    Stephen Cameron says:

    Loved your tour! Great for those of us who don’t have a homestead. So agree about computers for the children. Genius. Congratulations on first place ! Your pantry and apothecary are so awesome. ❤️🙏🏻Val C

  13. Michelle Yopp
    Michelle Yopp says:

    Thank you Amanda for the tour video! I love seeing pantry videos and how people store bulk items that live in a house, Apartment or townhouse ~ like I do. Do you have any book recommendations for a beginner on herbalism? Thank you.

  14. Acadian Homestead
    Acadian Homestead says:

    I'll have to go back in your videos to watch the salsa verde (unless you can link it here). I have the last of my green tomatoes I have to get out of the garage as the temperatures drop…I don't want them to freeze and they need to be processed pronto! I also have beef coming and need to make room in the freezer and I had tomatoes from LAST year in there that I'll just make into a simple sauce (unless you have a better idea to use them). Then I probably won't can till after the Holidays (baked beans, broth etc). I liked watching your organizing/downsizing videos. My freezer needs major help and down sizing everywhere else is needful too 🙂

  15. Zoieangel1
    Zoieangel1 says:

    Hi Amanda, I live in a smaller town in the Pacific NW in a small home built in 1926. No basement or cellar either so in 2020 I decided that my extra large bedroom was the only place for a pantry. It was added on at some point so it’s a long room the size of 2 rooms. I’ve divided it by an old fashioned wood room divider so my bedroom is one side and the pantry is the other. Along with the guest room closet and under beds so I’m making it work. I love watching your videos.

  16. mary w
    mary w says:

    Great video!!!!! I bet having your particular limitations (but working around them) is helping you plan your future home! It pays to go slow in making decisions but living them out like you are, can't help but make the future way better than you ever dreamed. Love your apothecary – fining a home made medicine for colds was the biggest accomplishment for me – ever! Yes it gives huge feelings of satisfaction and pride. It is also VERY much cheaper than store bought and my kids always come to me when they are itchy, coughing, or unable to sleep and ask for something to help. My super power is learning what all the herbs and spices can really do!

  17. Del Torres
    Del Torres says:

    Love it ..
    I live in the City..but I feel I’m a Homsteader..I buy in bulk and grow as much as I can I did pretty good this year..I Do Can as well ..
    I have made our back room into a pantry area
    We are empty-nesters there is only three of us, my husband, myself and my father-in-law, my husband and my father-in-law ,so it’s kind of me and my kids are all grown and have their families but they live nearby
    And they will come by and pick up a few things if needed, so I always buy enough for them and me just in case.
    I’m planning to buy several turkeys to cut them up in parts and seal and freeze ..
    My father-in-law has gout, so he really can’t eat beef or pork. I make a lot of chicken I make jerky for him. He can have a little bit but not like every day.

  18. Shannon Newman
    Shannon Newman says:

    I just love panty tour season – thanks for sharing! 😊 When you say you have a list of your freezer contents on your phone, is there an app you use, or do you just use Notes or something like that?


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