Strong Hips to Age Well Without Pain with Physical Therapist Eileen Kopsaftis

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  1. Monarch62
    Monarch62 says:

    Thank you for this segment. I have been having extreme pain my left hip to pulsing pain in my knee. One cortisone injection provided temporary relief.
    I signed up for the boot camp! 🙏 it helps!

  2. Nancy Rogers
    Nancy Rogers says:

    This is amazing info. Yoga does not float my boat either. Yoga is not just exercise it is a spiritual practice that does not coincide with my spiritual practice. But I really like pilates.

  3. G G
    G G says:

    Thank you for the great presentation !! I have the exact same issue which Eileen has talked about. How many reps of these exercises should we be doing ? Would she be teaching them again in the boot camp ? Much gratitude to Chef AJ and Eileen !!


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