Stop Using Air Fryers #shorts

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  1. PhineaBlue
    PhineaBlue says:

    I’m not an expert so I looked this up at my countries Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.
    PTFE (also called Teflon) is a PFAS chemical and degrades at 500+ degrees Fahrenheit or 360 degrees Celsius, a temperature that no airfryer will be able to reach. Same goes for pans on the stove.
    The little particles that can come off from scratching can‘t be digested by our body and will be excreted unchanged. So they say there’s no health risk by accidentally swallowing it.
    Nevertheless, PFAS are a huge problem for the environment. It doesn’t degrade easily and can contaminate waters and soil, which leads to people being exposed to it by eating and drinking contaminated food and water.
    PFAS are in a lot of other products as well (fire extinguisher foam, raincoats, dental floss, cosmetics, baking paper,…).
    Idk about the US but in the EU the use of PFOA (a additive that was used for the production of PTFE/Teflon) is not allowed since 2020. Some countries even stopped using it way before. They use other materials now.
    PFOS (a PFAS used for chrome plating, hydraulic fluids or waterproofing) is only allowed for certain uses in the EU since 2019.
    There are plans to stop using PFAS completely in the EU as of 2025.

  2. Sheila M Neely
    Sheila M Neely says:

    @flavcity How are you so sure your way, your advice is the right way? I grew up in the 50's and I truly we were healthier then than now. I can't go onto the internet without being blasted that we are so wrong with anything we do!

  3. Craig Feather
    Craig Feather says:

    You recommend not using it so my question would be why was it used in the first place and also if it’s that bad why does the governments not ban it and have them all sent back to manufacturers for recycling, and tell them all to remake them in things not harmful to humans… Or is that society just a dream that will never exist lol

  4. Steven
    Steven says:

    Thanks Bobby! I wanted an air fryer a couple years ago, but one l once I realized they were Teflon/formaldehyde coated, I passed without hesitation! It would be nice if someone would post that air fryer made from stainless steel!

  5. Music Mills
    Music Mills says:

    The only ones I can find that are the basket form of Air Fryers are the non-stick type, there are no 100% aluminum basket type air fryers. Reply if you see different online. The only aluminum air fryers are the oven type which are literally the worst things ever as cleaning them is easily the biggest pain in the ass, and they don't work nearly as well as the basket air fryers do.

  6. darold1966
    darold1966 says:

    Forever chemicals never leave the environment, not your body. That being said, not buying products that use 'forever chemicals' may be better for you and is definitely better for the environment. It is not necessarily to exaggerate to help people do the right thing.


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