Stewed Spicy Pork Ribs In Iron Pot, Super Easy Chinese style delicious recipe | Mukbang

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Hello everyone, welcome to my food world, where I will show you wonderful food cooking, if you like my video, please don’t forget …

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  1. Akoijam Devkumar
    Akoijam Devkumar says:

    Your cooking have shown me a lot of first hand knowledge about cooking ,specially meats And now I can cook anything. Thanks , it's your credit really. The meat looks very tasty and delicious. I can't take off my eyes from your eating scene. It's becoming my style. Grabbing the meat, taking big bites, it's like a blessing for me. Your eating rice with those magical sound has become my appetizer. Okey buddy. Show me more tomorrow. I ❤love ya. 😍🙏😎


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