start of may🌷 submitting coursework, work shifts in london & packing for uni

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a few moments from the last few days, finishing up assignments, shifts with the new job, a day in london and packing to go back to …

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  1. Emily Tew
    Emily Tew says:

    hey chels, i just noticed you seemed to be weighing your food again, idk if i saw that right or if there’s a particular reason for it, but i hope ur doing ok <3

  2. Masseh Saleemi
    Masseh Saleemi says:

    Heyyy chels you look beautiful wow the restaurant’s are so amazing and cute I can’t wait to go to the Uk soon everything their looks so delicious I am so happy for you girl guess what happen this I had my social studies STAAR test exam I am now going to have my reading staar this Thursday and the others next week I can’t wait for summer I am working on my health and setting some goals for recovery enjoying productive days I Sunday is my favorite day cause I get to see you and make new recipes to try out and face fear I hope I can see you soon by the way I meet a friend this week and she’s struggling through ED I am trying my best to help her I really feel bad for what she has to go through I hope I can help her oh wow your going to try smoothie bowls I can’t wait to see your smoothie bowl o always like to make it on my productive Sunday my most favorite is oatmeal I also like smoothie bowls to have a great week thank you for all your support 💕❤️‍🩹💖❤️😋


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