Spicy Chettinad pepper chicken Gravy||मसालेदार काली मिर्च चिकन ग्रेवी|Best Side dish for Rice & Roti

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Hi friends..In this video we have shared a spicy pepper chicken gravy which can be served along with piping hot rice / roti. Please do try this simple & tasty recipe …

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  1. Shankari Sreekanth
    Shankari Sreekanth says:

    First view in pan and pots kalakiteenga suji pepper chicken 😛😛😛😛😛 thambi sappidura azage thani suthi podunga suji back ground music ultimate but unga azagu madurai tamila miss panrom aana indha channel neenga sonna mari ellorum pakkanum good decision Congrats suji 🥰🤩

  2. Shabana Basulur
    Shabana Basulur says:

    Hi sissy..congrats sorry for late sila karanttala new channel openinga enaku terila health problem ada suji kitchenla pakka mudila ippo recenta ippo.q and a pattu terinjudu super sis


    Hi ma super sema begining manirathinam film mathiri kathukku ithamana music. receipe super chicken leg piece na kulanthaga pola thambi kai first eduthu sapiduvathu super romba romba pidithurukku intha new channel summa nachunu irukku god bless you and your husband

  4. Manoharam Expert
    Manoharam Expert says:

    Vanakkam mam,
    OMG! Felt I was watching an English movie!
    What a fantastic opening mam (one of my very favourite shots of your videos in other channel)
    @0.12, suuuuuper music.
    The demo and the music took me to a meditation level, esp., where Sir serves himself and starts to eat, CLASS!
    @6.28 my God! Brilliant audio and video.
    Editing is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!
    Very satisfying post! God Bless.
    I have subscribed mam. Thank you.


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