Spanish Octopus – Spanish-Style Braised Octopus Recipe

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  1. Saleh Khatibeh
    Saleh Khatibeh says:

    octopus is a very intelligent creature, and science has proven it has a level of awareness.

    why are we killing them? Do we really need to eat them to survive? or it's just a luxury

  2. Binty McFrazzles
    Binty McFrazzles says:

    I LOVE Spanish food! There is nothing better than being on holiday on the coast in Spain and eating fish in a restaurant that they've just brought in that day from the Harbour, and sipping on a lovely Rioja.
    I love your attitude of buying decent wine to cook with, you're completely right. I would never buy and cook with wine I'm not prepared to drink. Don't get me wrong, I don't use a £30 of Bordeaux to cook with, but I wouldn't use anything less than £5, either.
    This looked lovely!

  3. Ian Mahajan
    Ian Mahajan says:

    if i play this in x2 speed you would sound like an ambitious classical singer who eventually became a rapper, i am making octopus tonight, has creole octopus salad and pulpo affogato in mind, but since you sang to me im gonna try this instead and will do a carpaccio.

  4. notebookwithoutpages
    notebookwithoutpages says:

    Made it with a 1.5 lb small octopus, braised it for 1 hr as well ohhhh man!!! Great advise! I was terrified with the idea of ending with chewy tentacles, ohhhh great and delicious surprised, this method works !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson says:

    406 downvotes. Hmmm. We're still going to make it. Maybe the downvotes are the people who tried the recipe. 😎 Did the parsley have to come from Italy? Mine is from France. We're only 90 minutes' drive from Spain, but the border is closed…..

  6. Auntie Margie
    Auntie Margie says:

    You silly, silly man. Why get frozen octopus from Spain when you live in San Francisco, and you can get fresh from a fish monger? I live in Tacoma, Washington, right on Puget Sound, and I know it can be found fresh.

  7. Vin DiGregorio
    Vin DiGregorio says:

    I should become a Youtube Chef.. I feel like 99% of channels make things more complicated than they really are.
    OCTOPUS: Grill or Boil until it looks done.. Throw it into some Butter, Garlic, Salt & Pepper.. Add spices you like. ENJOY!


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