Sorting Kids Clothes + Organizing the Mudroom | Day in the Life Mom of 7

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  1. Petro
    Petro says:

    Make me think back to my childhood on the farm being one of six…it felt all new when mum took out seasonal clothes.and sometimes we were very sad that the dress does not fit and needed to be passed on🤭😆

  2. Morgan J.
    Morgan J. says:

    I like how you take the time to notice the changing of the seasons. I know that some folks like capsule-type wardrobes, and the way you do clothing kind of reminds me of those.

  3. Melinda Lachapell
    Melinda Lachapell says:

    I do The same thing with my kids clothes when I switch The seasons. They all just go in one big bin. This week we are having an unusually HOT week in the 80’s! So, we went downstairs and found that bin. There are a few 4T items from my son that I’m going to put for sale on marketplace because, we are done having kids and my youngest is a girl.

  4. Roxanna Seaton
    Roxanna Seaton says:

    I am always just 'blown away' when I see you doing something like making your chicken noodle soup and you have a sweet little one on the counter with you and he is eating out of the pan behind your soup…So very sweet to see your parenting style. I hope that is how I raised my sons. I know I allowed 30+ years of daycare and foster children into the kitchen with me….In my home, as a child if I had done that I would have been knocked up side my head LITTERLY. God bless your family


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