Someone Had To Do It! Comparing KFC & Chicken Republic’s MEALS, PRICELIST & SERVICE

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  1. EstherZion
    EstherZion says:

    Thank you ooo Zeelicious Foods!!! Ha! I have had chicken republic food in about 6 outlets, and it is the same terrible fried rice and jollof rice. I wondered if it was just my friends and I that thought they were bad. No taste, No veggies. Even the road side buka sells really tasty, mouth watering fried rice.

  2. Nagorom Amadi
    Nagorom Amadi says:

    In my own opinion, Chicken republic to me, meets the average man’s pocket and tasty as well. It’s a “EAT ON A BUDGET” kind of food. The chicken is also sizeable for the price. I started trying KFC for the first time, when it was recently opened in Port Harcourt because of how crunchy the chicken was, but not any more. Especially because of a hike in the prices.

    I suggest you try KFC burger. That’s the only thing I feel comfortable buying from them.

  3. Joy Ofure
    Joy Ofure says:

    Also there is always a rush hour from 12 to 2 or so,that's when office workers come for lunch ,so the meals might not be up to standard like the meals made in the morning due to rush and wanting to satisfy every customer quickly. I actually love Chicken Republic cos of their cheap price too. Enjoyed watching this video

  4. Joy Ofure
    Joy Ofure says:

    I worked with chicken Republic and I can categorically tell you that they all use one recipe,infact recipe and measurements are taught to all new staffs before delegating you to your department, everyone learns how to cook their meals when newly employed before moving you to ur department. Even the spices ,we the staffs don't know what and what is in them as they come sealed in a transparent bag all and in same quantity. The recipes and measurements are even pasted at a section of the kitchen to avoid mistakes,so while the cooking,you use a scale to measure every ingredients to use. The reason why sometimes the food don't come out the way it's supposed to come out ,it's mostly from the cook themselves,not even from the recipe. Some cooks can be so non chalant and not follow the recipe to the end. I wish you tasted chicken Republic rice and beans with sauce,mehnn you would have loved it,that's the customer's favourite and yes the grilled chicken tastes really good. I don't really like the crunchy chicken though. You can also try their chicwizz or chicken salad,it comes with an island sauce.

  5. Sis Prevailer
    Sis Prevailer says:

    Like seriously there is nothing that annoys me more than buying expensive food day ends up to be tasteless. This has been a concern to me personally… I discovered dat it is pretty hard to get good tasty food at all these eateries abi fast food restaurants. Pls if you cannot deliver a sweet food, don't open a restaurant biko. It's nt by force.

  6. Precious Aboyeji
    Precious Aboyeji says:

    I understand whosoever told you chicken republic food is not okay

    When I started eating out in chicken republic, their chicken and the rest of the food were nice

    But at some point,the chicken went from good to worse because the seasoning didn't get inside at all

    Then the rice are nice sometimes, sometimes aren't nice

    But one food from chicken republic I never had an issue with is their spaghetti

    But then with time,the chicken became good back but not as nice as when I started eating at chicken rep

  7. dpc immanuellife
    dpc immanuellife says:

    Thank God someone is doing this. The KFC rice I had here in PHC was trash. No taste, no spice, so annoying. The chicken was manageable nothing wonderful. Chicken Republic is far far more better and affordable

  8. All about kpop and Kdramas
    All about kpop and Kdramas says:

    I say this all the time, don't order rice from kfc if you have good taste bud, and kfc should stop making rice if they can't make it tasty. If you are ordering rice from kfc just know you are wasting your money, But there Chicken and spicy fries are bomb, KFC is for chicken not rice. Just my opinion tho

  9. Jesutoke May
    Jesutoke May says:

    Like KFC has really drop drastically,I still prefer chicken rep small,that's why I follow u to improve myself more in my culinary class because I love the way to teach me especially


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