SO MUCH WORK GOING ON-abandoned cabin, cabin build, tractor work, homesteading, well, solar, Sawmill

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We have a busy, busy weekend here at C’mon Mountain. I extended the sawmill to 20 feet, and we are setting the poles for the …

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  1. Debbie Sparks
    Debbie Sparks says:

    Hi David and Margarita enjoying the videos.
    That’s a great idea about the Fire up Friday. The hummingbirds are enjoying the feeders . It won’t long before they head south. Have a great day and God bless

  2. Dawn Bradrick
    Dawn Bradrick says:

    Let’s go Margarita! Thank you David for investing in your Woman. Safety first teach to her to keep the chainsaw off center🚩in case it kicks back or breaks a chain. Even Monkeys fall out of trees 🌲 C’mon Dawns here 🌞

  3. Jeanie Lipskey
    Jeanie Lipskey says:

    I love that idea of listing ingredients ahead of time, that would be so cool, so would the live. I went right over to Levi's channel when you posted it, I thought he did a fine job. He's such a good kid, & so polite. I enjoyed watching him. Be safe in all your working & teaching Margarita in your work day.

  4. Karen Hernke
    Karen Hernke says:

    Great idea of having the grocery list and such. Margarita, you did a wonderful job on your 1st Fire it up Friday. Can't wait til the next one. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Love you guys! Karen 😊

  5. Becky Page
    Becky Page says:

    I have no complaints about the video.
    Didn’t even notice the forgotten ingredients list😂
    If you’re just wanting to save time, have everything set up and all the cold prep is done. Also, if you put a damp paper towel under the cutting board, it won’t move around.
    You did great!!

  6. Dorothy Polk
    Dorothy Polk says:

    Enjoyed you and Margarita laughing and talking today. David you got one heck of a lady. She is tough and smart!! It is time for hummingbirds to migrate and the extras you have maybe passing through. I have hummingbirds but I also enjoy Purple Martins. Don’t know if they migrate to Arkansas. They have a love story. Can’t wait to see what y’all got done on pump house. Good night!!

  7. Dan Devlin
    Dan Devlin says:

    Well by the way it look's, It look's like Margarita is trying to fatten you up David lol. I love me some leftovers. David what was the first camera you used when you started you tube? Asking for a friend? You fine folk's have a very blessed weekend also. Til we see you again✌


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