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In today’s video, we’re putting two smokers to the test! It’s time to take a look at my Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 and, my workhorse, the Camp Chef SGX 36!
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  1. beasthunt
    beasthunt says:

    There's no competition between a pellet grill and the Masterbuilt. The Masterbuilt decimates it in every category. I have a Camp Chef and I also have the Char-Griller 980 which is a direct competitor to the Masterbuilt and these things are leagues better than any pellet grill.

  2. Guntucky
    Guntucky says:

    Pellet grills still tend to catch fire, esp when you have several butts in them and the fat drippings flame up. My egg does great on everything, but I am considering the Masterbuilt due to having no issues with flame up due to the offset. You just can't beat wood and lump charcoal, no matter the dish.

  3. Alfredo Hernandez
    Alfredo Hernandez says:

    I did a Brisket cook-off with two buddies from work . One had The Camp-Chef pellet grill the lower model to the one you have, the Other had a Yoder Smoker off-set burner, and I had the MB 560, we had several of our co-workers and their families come over and had a few of them be our judges. I was really surprised by the results because My 560 came in tied with the Yoder stick burner and the Camp Chef came in after the two other smokers. But, there is one thing I have learned to do and that's use splits in the gravity chamber with charcoal around them to keep the fire going. Also I never use the lower rack for smoking, always use the middle for Low & Slow comes out tastier and super moist every time! In the end though, you really can't go wrong with either of these two grills, it really just depends on the style of cooking you do and if you have the time to stay with the smoker during the cook!

  4. Tom K
    Tom K says:

    I have found with my gravity fed smoker I get more control and better smoke if I put wood in ash pan rather than spreading it throughout the charcoal. Granted, you have to add wood as the cook progresses to keep the smoke flowing.

  5. Dave Cowan
    Dave Cowan says:

    Great video. I have had a Masterbuilt 560 for a year and love it except for the amount of fuel that it burns. In January, I found a deal on a small Pit Boss so I am still learning about pellet grills. I have only used Pit Boss pellets so far and understand that they may not give the best smoke flavour. What kinds of pellets do you enjoy? P.S. I love your current bbq competion show.

  6. Lance reyes
    Lance reyes says:

    Love my masterbuilt.. I think the vertical smoker gives WAY more smoke flavor..especially if you add wood chunks.. love my traeger but masterbuilt is closer to real smoking

  7. 05subisti
    05subisti says:

    It is really cool to see you do these two side by side. I was extremely torn between the Masterbuilt and the Camp Chef. I ultimately ended up going with the Camp Chef Woodwind 36 and have zero regrets. At the time the masterbuilt sounded like it was having a lot of issues with the temp being way off from what the dial said. I am glad that it is fixed now though. At any reate, the WW with the sidekick is a beast and I love it. It defintely helped me step up my smoking skills and I love the food it produces. Another great video and I can not wait to get home and use my WW and make some ribs. Those look delicious!!!!


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