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  1. Q2HAN
    Q2HAN says:

    Happy special Sunday video Qtees😍📹 I think this one is by far the most healing video we’ve created on this channel🥰 hope you fully enjoy❤as well as the poems that you Qtees seem to always enjoy🥰 By the way, I think we’re heading to Paris again on May🇫🇷 should we hold another meet & greet?🥺❤

  2. janec
    janec says:

    another video that made my day! always looking forward to your videos!! 😀 thank you so much <3 !! does QQ still take fan mail? Hoping to send over some love from Australia 😀

  3. starry
    starry says:

    I just got done with my thesis defense! And guess what? I defended my thesis! And so I think that I deserve to watch this slow vlog🤍

    Thank you so much for Q2Han’s encouragement in the past 2 videossss!

  4. Soominssi
    Soominssi says:

    In May I'll go camping with a bunch of people at a festival. It got "real" just yesterday and this video is the perfect balance of calming and making me excited!

  5. potato
    potato says:

    for the kitties, most cats prefer to get fed or they want water, and to add on, giving milk to cats can make their stomach upset because larger populations of them are lactose intolerant! just thought i should let you guys know <3

  6. julianne
    julianne says:

    forever grateful to my friend who introduced your videos to me. Your channel is a place I go to whenever I feel overwhelmed. Your videos are really soothing and it helps me pause for a moment. Eternally grateful for you guys and my friend. :>


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