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Featuring Skye and the loaf of bread!! I made some delicious meals for meal prep this week for my husband and I. When I filmed …

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  1. Planning Us Healthy
    Planning Us Healthy says:

    Anyone else have a counter food swiper for a dog? LOL Honestly though – she's such a sweetie! Don't worry – she wasn't in trouble. She still got her normal treats later. We just rescued her about 3 months ago. She's 2 years old and the sweetest lab ever! She's actually come a long way! We are trying to teach her that no matter what she went through before, in our house, she can simply be a dog (even if that means stealing food), and we'll laugh with her about it. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. Tonia Roche
    Tonia Roche says:

    The expression on Skye’s face said it all. It was hilarious. These are the first two recipes that I made when I started watching YouTube and they have become firm favourites, along with the Kodiak pancake bake and basil Parmesan salmon.

  3. Cheryl Land
    Cheryl Land says:

    OMG-Skye was hysterical-who me, no way! Reminds me of when our sweet girl tor apart a throw pillow from the couch-stuffing everywhere and she was like, not me-Daddy did it! Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Katie McDaniel
    Katie McDaniel says:

    Oh Skye! 😂 my new rescue swiped my husband’s dozen donuts off the counter! You’d think they would give themselves a tummy ache, nut nope! Happy thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

  5. kalyco C
    kalyco C says:

    Oh my goodness—Skye is too precious!! I have two counter swipers, but they never even entertain the idea of being in trouble! Great looking meals! I have to try that French toast casserole. Being better about meal planning is one of my big goals!

  6. Danielle Balch
    Danielle Balch says:

    That part with your dog made me laugh. Bless her heart. I bet you couldn’t have been mad at her even if you wanted to. She’s precious. Thank you for sharing your meal ideas. I’m excited about trying the French toast casserole. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family 😊

  7. erqueenie
    erqueenie says:

    Hi Kristy, When did you get Skye? Good for you and her. But she looked so guilty, lol. My friend, thank you for the recipes. Looks yummy especially the bfast and the chicken. 🦃💖

  8. Delline Ketzer
    Delline Ketzer says:

    Oh Kristi that intro was priceless, I have had many dogs cause trouble but never have they looked guilty or hidden. Mine dance around like they are so proud of their mischievous behavior! Your meals all looked delicious, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!❤❤❤


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