Six Days Camping in the Deep Wilderness – Catch and Cook my Dinner

Six Days Camping in the Deep Wilderness – Catch and Cook my Dinner

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  1. @freedomisntfree_44
    @freedomisntfree_44 says:

    Mav I swear your channel keeps me going sometimes 🤙 gotta get me a longer bed truck with a camper shell like you’ve got. Happy 4th 🇺🇸 look into the sipsey wilderness in north Alabama. Land of 1000 water falls

  2. @arronsowle9962
    @arronsowle9962 says:

    Just an idea for the water filtering thing, you ice fish so im sure you own a sounder the kind that clip to your hook. Put one on the end so you can put the tube in the pot in future usage.

  3. @CoffeeZombie700
    @CoffeeZombie700 says:

    If murry is the young man who looks like a child i thought murry was gay not saying a young gay youth is bad. Just saying what i thought. As for Mav I'm sure he's a responsible adult and knows the do's and don'ts in life. Mav edits his videos and clearly knows what we see. I enjoyed the camping over night in his vehicle videos the most. I don't judge. I wish Mav the best in his YouTube money making journey. I'm an old veteran life is short. Enjoy it that's my view anyway ☺️

  4. @whodunnett1850
    @whodunnett1850 says:

    Was a fan… sad to see the disrespect to the forest.
    Cut a green tree for golf club.
    Hitting rocks that belong in the campsite into the lake.
    That turtle shell should be left there.
    Washed dishes right in the camp site, you might not have bear problem but the next campers might.


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