Simple veg festive fruit thali created using 5 different varieties of fruits offered during festival

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Hello Everyone, A very special & unique lunch thali that I have created from five different varieties of fruits that was offered to …

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  1. Jyothi Tripurari
    Jyothi Tripurari says:

    Sushma garu hatsoff to you mam … is like cooking working eating and sleeping….apart from that you maintain such a very good and nice way of planning everything… taking care of house cooking festivals healthy meals. Taking care of hair face and spending a quality time with kids husband and family friends everything.

    You are amazing very inspiring

  2. Ramya June
    Ramya June says:

    Sushma, I like your videos, I love how you used a natural product for the face and hair. Please share the contact numbers of the product company. Overall I loved your presentation with the natural sounds- a classy video🥰🥰👌👌👌


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