SIMPLE BREAKFAST BURRITO MEAL PREP | Easy Grab & Go Burritos For The Entire Week

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  1. Cheyenne Watson
    Cheyenne Watson says:

    If you wanted to be exact with how much egg goes into each burrito: Add the scrambled eggs to a bowl sitting on the scale, and tare it. Then scoop out the eggs until the amount you needed shows on the scale. Rinse and repeat!

  2. James F
    James F says:

    1:00 another one

    Makes 7 burritos
    7 low carb tortillas
    644g egg beaters
    196g cheese
    84g turkey bacon
    210g salsa

    Fold tortillas and put on cast iron skillet low-medium heat until crispy on both sides.

  3. Trevor S
    Trevor S says:

    What should I do if I can't eat eggs? I had not been feeling well for awhile and recently found out I have an egg intolerance. Is there a substitutuon to eggs?

  4. D F
    D F says:

    Breakfast is the easiest meal to not overcomplicate, the simplicity of this is great. I'd change it up with these once in a while. Usually, I just have some eggs, oatmeal, maybe some fruit, maybe some veg. I should really add some veg to the breakfast, it's just such an alien concept for me.

    Do these freeze decent?

  5. Logan Landis
    Logan Landis says:

    I was excited a bit that my small eggbeaters carton said it had 10 servings aprox in it, which a serving being 46g, so I figured hey, I need just 5, so that's perfect. had exactly enough for 4 burritos at 92g cooked weight, so either it cooks down, or I lost some 92g of egg to the void. but I had one rip, and the other open while cooking, so I'm wondering if I should have just spread the 368g among 5 and see if they fit better. also found 1 strip of bacon was 30 cal so just cooked 5, ate one when I noticed the shortage of eggs, and then just crumbled each piece onto separate burrito piles. The one that ripped I had ate for todays breakfast and noted it had some dry spots , so the last burrito, I put all its ingredients in a bowl and mixed. sadly it was the one the opened while cooking. I think I had too much nonstick in the pan as I had tried to preheat that tortilla as well, so hit the pan with nonstick b4 laying it down but it got a bit brown and wet lookin like it had absorbed the oil instead. got a nice golden color but ye, when I went to seal it, it didn't seal and just fell apart as I tried to remove it.


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