Shrimp and Rice One Pot Meal

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RECIPE: Lodge Pan in this video: Hi Guys, …

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  1. Philip Norman
    Philip Norman says:

    Hi Anita, very interested in make this meal but you haven't given the quantity of the ingredients eg. 1 cup of rice , how many grams of prawns etc , thank you so much

  2. Luca Red Tarot
    Luca Red Tarot says:

    12,000 views and only a few hundred likes ? Smh people these days .. well THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into making this video it looks delicious! 😀😀😀

  3. Len Douma
    Len Douma says:

    You have a beautiful pan, I would have used a wooden spoon to stir things up. I wouldn’t want scratches on my new pan. But to each his own. Love the recipe.

  4. Patricia Muro
    Patricia Muro says:

    Have already cooked this recipe twice since finding your channel about 10 days ago. Family kept asking for that “shrimp thing” again. Thank you, simple and delicious!

  5. jayfezney
    jayfezney says:

    The enamel finish on your new "Lodge" pan will last longer if you don't use metal utensils. I recommend silicone utensils. Thanx for the recipe…looks delicious.


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