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Seafood Gumbo Recipe | #SoulFoodSunday | Crock Pot Recipe – Welcome back to week 4 of #SoulFoodSunday. The only Virtual YouTube Potluck on YouTube …
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  1. JackieBishop01
    JackieBishop01 says:

    I’m not gone lie, I was skeptical about this recipe using the crockpot. I just tried it and when I say this is so good 😊 thank you so much for this recipe 👏🏽🙌🏽✊🏾💪🏽

  2. Michelle Hummingbird
    Michelle Hummingbird says:

    Hey, AB… I followed your recipe to a "T" and its been in the crock pot for 2 hours now. I'll be finishing it up tomorrow morning with the ginormous shrimp I found on sale and making the steamed rice…..CanNOT wait to dig in! I'll let you know how it comes out. Oh! The roux isn't all that intimidating after all, bro! Thanks for the recipe…. EDIT: 2/8 This was a hit, bro! My daughter in law loved it and wants the recipe and my daughter was kinda mad that I didn't save her any. Told her I'd make it again, it's hella easy. Keeper!


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