Say Goodbye to Dry Chicken Breast | 3 Foolproof Methods

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  1. chevy jennings
    chevy jennings says:

    Love your videos and your cooking methods but I have to ask, are you in treatment for your mental issues? You seem to be having way too much fun in todays world which I am sure is not allowed with Drooly Joe in the White House (for now)!!

  2. Suge212
    Suge212 says:

    I love chicken breast but most of the time it's either sticking to my teeth or very chewy and dry. It is so unforgiving to cook and it has such a fine line of being under-cooked and overcooked.

  3. Joe Moon
    Joe Moon says:

    Now I just see videos as "before shaved head" and "after shaved head".

    If I look at them in terms of cooking alone…they're all fucking great.

    Love this channel.

    Smack that bitch ass fridge once for me. 😊

  4. TheBlaert
    TheBlaert says:

    Great stuff as usual. My favourite way is to mix a little oil, salt, pepper, whatever dried herbs I have (thyme, rosemary, basil etc), paprika and brown sugar. Mix together, slather over the chicken and cook at a high heat (200 C for 20-22 mins). Then add butter to make a sauce from the juices. Foolproof and amazing

  5. 619 mom
    619 mom says:

    That first chicken breast yes it’s Tuesday because it’s still undercooked. I love your videos I love your cooking style you can tell by watching these are delicious yet you make it all look so effortless. Great job great content. Thank you


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