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  1. Bitterroot Bling
    Bitterroot Bling says:

    Hi Jessica, I will start by saying how much I enjoy your videos! I love that you grow and preserve your food. I try to do the same here in Western Montana. I was wondering if you could tell me the brand of canning jars that you have in a few of your videos. They look as though the lower part of the jar has six sides. I would love to find jars like these. Thank you and bless you and yours!

  2. Kathleen Ritter
    Kathleen Ritter says:

    You continue to inspire me. Because of you, I started 2 bottles of vanilla extract in March. I'm going to try peppermint next. So I can use oil if I dry the leaves or use the vodka if I don't? Pickle juice powder!! Great idea. I so want a freeze dryer. God bless you & yours.

  3. Homestead Blessings
    Homestead Blessings says:

    Thank you for sharing you blessing with us. I could only have two children but God blessed me with three other grown children. I know God comes first in your family and I pray he will give you a healthy baby soon, Again thank you for sharing your family

  4. Susan Harrell
    Susan Harrell says:

    You might want to reconsider using peach pits or other kinds of fruit seeds to make an extract. They contain cyanide properties that will extract out if you put them into the alcohol. Be safe and keep your kids safe.

  5. Desirée Hilger
    Desirée Hilger says:

    Pickle juice also makes a great brine before grilling or cooking chicken breasts, tenders, etc. I do it often when I finish a pickle jar and don't want to waste the juice. Makes the meat super tender and juicy! Just don't add too much extra salt when seasoning the meat.

  6. Don cc
    Don cc says:

    Do you grow and use comfrey? If not, you should consider adding it.
    There are many uses of it including making healing salve.
    I have a drink of dill pickle juice occasionally, love the taste.

  7. Rina O
    Rina O says:

    Ive learned so much from you, Jessica. Thank you for sharing this with us and allowing us a glimpse of your life. My favorite part about your channel is how you rarely waste anything.

  8. tl wky
    tl wky says:

    Jessica, I see that you have a lazy bred recipe in one of your videos… Have you ever done a video to show how you make it? I really want to be able to make bread for my family, but most of the time it comes out really dense. I see in this video how comfortable you are with the process, and I would really like to learn what you do 🙂 Thanks. Tara

  9. Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone
    Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone says:

    Almond extract from peach pits?! WHAT!!? My mind is officially blown. 🤯If I like the taste, that would be the most revolutionary thing I've ever done! I have a relatively new tree nut allergy (over the last 6 years or so), but I used to love almonds and cashews. One of my favorite applications is in my oatmeal. I put in peach chunks, dried cranberries, brown sugar and almond extract. At the end I used to sprinkle sliced almonds on top…and chocolate chips (whispers chocolate chips). I know…I know…don't judge me, all of you out there. I already feel your judgment 🤦🏽‍♀️😄. I am going to look up the specifics of how to do that. Thank you SO much for that amazing tip!

  10. Simply Hodge
    Simply Hodge says:

    Hi Jessica! First and foremost, love your channel and content. You have such a beautiful family. I wanted to ask, could you possibly do a video or have a Q&A (apologies if you already have one) going over how you homestead in your state and what issues you may have run into during getting settled?

  11. Annette Prüfer
    Annette Prüfer says:

    Hello Jessica! Today I tried out your French Toast Casserole, from this video and it was fantastic. Thank you for giving me the idea!
    As for the cumin and cinnamon mix-up: sometimes there are mix-ups. In this case though, I was save, because the german words are different: Cinnamon is Zimt and cumin is Kuemmel. But is always easy to mix up other things…
    Your videos are always very nice and interesting. My life as a single woman in a german city is obviously very different, so this is a glimpse into a fascinating world.
    Thank you for showing us part of it.
    All the best for you and your family , but especially for you and the new baby to be born! May you both remain happy and healthy!

  12. tolohuexochitl3
    tolohuexochitl3 says:

    Love the pickle juice powder idea! Sounds delicious. I love how you keep things fun, along with all the hard work, with fun kitchen experiments. Why not!?
    Also thnx for the inspiration to get out there and get some veg & flower seeds saved. I tend to let that go at the end of the summer, but you’re right…we shouldn’t assume we’ll always be able to get seeds commercially.


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