ROOF TOP TENT CAMPING Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station 4X4 TRUCK OVERLAND WILD CAMP UK


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29 replies
  1. Joe Husband
    Joe Husband says:

    That’s a quality set up bolstered by the addition of the Jackery Powerpack and solar panel (you lucky lad). Opens up a whole new world of adventure. Great photos of your European trips as well. Was impressed with the food you cooked hmmm. Keep up the positive message and excellent videos 👌

  2. Day Hughes Hikes
    Day Hughes Hikes says:

    Who is Dan Hughes Hikes? Haha my brothers called Dan Hughes so I'll let you off hahaha! Great answer I would have gone with the jelly too! Blue absolutely demolished that steak haha! Hes a lovely dog. All the best mate..
    Day (not Dan 😂)

  3. Craig
    Craig says:

    Great vid very different.if you inspire 1 person then that's all you can sure you have inspired more I know I've done some of your route's and camps all be it not as quick lol I'm more of a plodder than a whippet lol so just keep doing what you do

  4. Paul Place
    Paul Place says:

    Good, yet different video. Great set up, ideal car too! The battery and solar panel would be a 'must have' when travelling around and what a great kitchen haha..need smell-a-vision! Been to some pretty nice places in it 🏞🚗👍..i regret not asking a question, couldn't think of nowt different to ask haha, i'll come up with something next time👍😂.
    Top job mate, as per usual ..🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺👍🤘

  5. Anne Beginn
    Anne Beginn says:

    Would it be fair to say that the ladders are adjustable if the tent fits most vehicles ? Have wondered if I could get one for my c3 Picasso. And it looked fairly easy to sort out solo, and fitting to roof bars I’m guessing ?
    Sorry about all the questions but always thought roof tents were more for the likes of 4×4 ‘s 🤔

  6. Nicky Ohare
    Nicky Ohare says:

    We do live in a stunning place dont we some amazing views were you live sadly where I live not really got any scenery like you but I feel lucky that I've got afew beaches to go to 5mins from me the bonus of having 3sides of water I guess haha


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