Roasted Tomato Soup, That will Warm Your Heart and Soul! Delicious!

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This Roasted Tomato soup is such a comfort delicious meal, that it will warm your heart and soul! Top quality Dutch oven for bread …

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  1. Vera
    Vera says:

    Made this recipe with the last of summer tomatoes. Our diet is plant based, replaced the cream for a lovely cashew crema. Hands down dairy, or non dairy this is the best tomato soup I've ever tasted! Ever.

  2. Vera
    Vera says:

    Made this recipe. Absolutely fabulous!! We are plant based, made a lovely cashew crema to substitute the cream. Hands down best tomato soup I've ever tasted.

  3. D L Reynolds
    D L Reynolds says:

    Outstanding recipe! I'm using up end-of-the-season tomatoes–a mix of cherries, roma-type, and slicers. I made the soup according to your recipe but omitted the oregano, sugar, and cream. Didn't need sugar or cream; sweet and creamy as-is. Absolutely delicious, will definitely make again. Thank you!

  4. Nexaiter
    Nexaiter says:

    That looks absolutely yummy! I want to make it for my sister and mum. How to make a good vegetable stock, same as you used here? I always struggle when in recipes people use stock, because there are many recipes for it and I never know how to make a proper one 🙁

  5. ph1shk4
    ph1shk4 says:

    Why don't just eat a spaghetti sauce.
    Because this is exactly what if is.
    Warmed up spaghetti sauce little bit more liquid.
    Your stomach would run away in horror if it could.
    Prepare the anti acid medicine.

  6. Jon Little
    Jon Little says:

    My family's new favorite soup! I have made it three times, I use saucing tomatoes and heirlooms, heavy on garlic and pepper, probably could throw in some ginger and roasted peppers. I generally avoid cherry tomatoes, too much water. Quarter tomatoes, not too thin.

  7. Anjelina Wanjiru
    Anjelina Wanjiru says:

    Personally the onion and garlic peel would have stayed till the separating time , blending and creaming unneccessary and the toastcimeout better ,roasted other than panfried or grilled unbuttered to accompany _ try my style to discover where real strength comes from goodluck

  8. Babs S
    Babs S says:

    Best tomato soup I’ve ever had was my roasted San Marzanos with garlic, peppers and basil. Run through a food mill then chicken broth, salt and pepper. So sweet it needed no sugar. Cook down, add a jot of cream.

  9. Claudio Zambrelli
    Claudio Zambrelli says:

    L'idea non è del tutto male…a parte la panna nella zuppa e il maledetto pane in cassetta con il formaggio finto di silicone. Perché voi americani pasticciate sempre tutto con cose che non c'entrano una fava di niente?


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