RICE & BEANS Can Be Delicious. Here’s How! (3 Vegan Recipes Using Rice & Beans)

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  1. Isabel Rodriguez
    Isabel Rodriguez says:

    Hahaha I find it funny that you said when you hear rice and beans it sounds boring. When I hear rice and beans I immediately think of Gallo pinto which is not boring at all!! Please try when you visit Costa Rica 🇨🇷 ❤

  2. Kerri
    Kerri says:

    If i could go anywhere with anyone it would be there with you and all that vegan food… omg i am super jelly. Send pics so i can live vicariously through you 🥹😭🤦‍♀️💖😂

  3. Sheri Mayo
    Sheri Mayo says:

    These look great.. what's funny is I love Rice and Beans. I just stopped last night at a mexican restaurant & that was my dinner. Just plain old R&B. I did add a little avocado and a couple of grape tomatoes and it was delicious, Not Boring!!! 😊

  4. Ana Paula Santos
    Ana Paula Santos says:

    Idn why I never see foreigners making beans the "Brazilian" way, which is just cooking the dry beans but not draining the water, cook some garlic in a different pot and add the beans with the cooking liquid and some salt. Is absolutely divine, especially the day after when the starch has made the bean water thicker. That's the only way Brazilians eat beans, never the drained kind. Maybe you ate something like that when you came to Brazil, like the feijoada or something?
    We also eat rice and beans for every meal – lunch and dinner 😂😂😂 never gets boring always delicious and filling

  5. David's Allotment
    David's Allotment says:

    Yummy 😋 and interesting rice and beans recipes Rose. I have never had boring rice and beans recipes and Rose doesn't do boring recipes. Love 🥰 this awesome video and love 💞 Rose.

  6. Spookdog
    Spookdog says:

    just what I needed!! my partner lives off of just beans and rice with various condiments and sometimes a few veggies but I'm a picky eater and need a wide variety of food to not get bored lol. I know beans and rice are super cheap and healthy so I WANT to like them but I just need to figure out ways to make them more interesting to me 🙂

  7. C
    C says:

    I eat the same Cajun rice and beans at least once a week. It's easy to make, cheap, and delicious. So I say more rice and beans recipes. 🙂


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