REVAMP Traditional Casseroles into LOW CARB Winners

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  1. Elizabeth Weaver
    Elizabeth Weaver says:

    I made the cheeseburger casserole for dinner and it was really good!! Used ground turkey and added a little beef bouillon powder. I think it was the catsup that made it taste more like a cheeseburger for me though. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Lucinda Jackson
    Lucinda Jackson says:

    I love casseroles! They're perfect for a family on down to singles as individual servings can be refrigerated or frozen for future meals. I even make casserole recipes in my crockpots, including your breakfast one from this video!

  3. Gladys O'Brien
    Gladys O'Brien says:

    Oh, oh, oh, I have all the ingredients for the CHICKEN CORDON BLEU CASSEROLE….it sounds divine! I am going to prepare it this week! Thank you! Yes, teach us more casserole recipes please! My mother never made casseroles…so they are very new to me…and I just turned 65‼Proof it is never too late to learn‼‼‼
    I love your videos!🎥🎥🎥🖥🖥🖥💻💻💻

  4. Hmmm..
    Hmmm.. says:

    Great ideas. Thank you!! I started making “egg soufflés” a year or so ago. I use 12 to 14 eggs, cheese, a protein, and whatever veg I have from the garden. I cook the veg separately and add to the mixed eggs because many of the veg will make the dish watery. I add sprouts if I have them. What I love about making this? I cut it up and store in the fridge and I have enough for a few days…and something hardy to eat in moments.

  5. Lisbeth Bird
    Lisbeth Bird says:

    I do relate to the need for warming, comforting recipes this time of year. I've a habit of making slow roasts and oven braises just for an excuse to have the oven on in my cold kitchen. Thank you for the recipe ideas! Here is one for you: for a savory, crunchy casserole topping, tear or cut a couple slices of keto friendly bread into bite sized pieces and just lightly dry them out on a sheet pan in a low oven. Meanwhile mix generous amount of dry herbs and spices in at least 1/4 cup of olive oil. I like marjoram, sage, rosemary, caraway seeds, salt and pepper. Now toss the croutons in the oil mix, allowing some to absorb, but not to become soggy. Top your casserole before baking and the croutons will toast as is heats. Make extra because they're so yummy to add to soups and salads as well.
    I love cheese, but this is a great non-dairy alternative. I especially like it on a chicken vegetable casserole made very similarly to your cordon bleu, but using fresh or frozen cauliflower, asparagus, celery, carrot, green beans, or whatever you have instead of the ham. The vegetables are just quick heated with the chicken (leftover chicken works good too) and they cook more in the oven but are still bright and not overcooked.


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