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  1. Hysong Grows! An Edible Garden
    Hysong Grows! An Edible Garden says:

    EXTENDED LACTATION; I have a 7 yr old that came to me a couple years ago in milk; I milked her 18 months from her kidding then dried off because she was pregnant. This year she freshened with triplets and almost 2 gallons a day. I will be milking her through until next year.

  2. Merry Anne Adair
    Merry Anne Adair says:

    Very excited to see the 'disease testing' video!! Maaika & I just went to an All Breeders Sale in Washington, IA. I'd never before been to a sale where the "clean tested" goats were kept in an entirely different barn than the untested goats. It was a sad sale, an Amish family had lost their lease on the farm where they were milking. Their goats were gorgeous, big Saanens with amazing udders; obviously very well cared for & much loved!! It was heartbreaking. 😞

  3. Bonnie Neufeldt
    Bonnie Neufeldt says:

    Hi there. I'm so happy to be a winner! And I absolutely love giggling when watching the Calamity shows. I have e-mailed you my address. I'm not overseas, just up here in Canada. Thank you again!! YAY.

  4. Doris Kühberger
    Doris Kühberger says:

    Sorry, I missed the LIVE. Just watched the replay. Great Live as usual. Congratulations to the winners. Thank you so much for sharing. Love and Blessings to you all.
    ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏 Doris, Penrith 🇦🇺🦘

  5. mysticalcat713
    mysticalcat713 says:

    Hey, sounds great. Catrina here from East Texas.
    Just realized that I'm watching the replay. Congrats ro the winners 🎉😊.

    OOOOHHHHH…… goat disease testing at home. I'm so excited to see that video. What about DNA testing at home?
    Do you castrate the bucks you are going to butcher?

  6. Heather McCarthy
    Heather McCarthy says:

    Congrats to Linda Fredrick and Bonnie Neufeldt! Enjoy the Calamity merch!
    With CWD in deer, would you not worry, too, about it potentially jumping to the goats? Just one of those things I've wondered about. LOL
    Enjoyable live! Kind of weird thing about the heritage turkeys – I wonder if their extra fat could have been rendered and if they were raised as the Kunekune of Turkeys or something? Maybe I got the wrong pig name… but I think you understand what I mean. Maybe that breed was raised for their ability to put on lots of fat.


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