remodeling our house!!! + diy heming curtains without sewing + target home decor haul (vlog)

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  1. Naiomi Lujan
    Naiomi Lujan says:

    Carlos should try toasting bread on a pan for sandwiches with Mayo . Spread Mayo on both sides of the bread as you would butter. Toast it on a pan 🤤 try it for grilled cheese sandwiches too 🔥

  2. Trice Lively
    Trice Lively says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years that you guys been in the new house . I remember when you guys first moved in but it doesn’t feel like it’s been 2 years for me . Crazy lol

  3. Allie Duvall
    Allie Duvall says:

    Hey Kim! You should really try switching terminology from “Master” to “primary”. A lot of people don’t know this, but the concept of the “master bedroom” is rooted in slavery. So a lot of the real estate world and interior design world is switching over to “primary bedroom” or “primary suite” in order to remove that old negative connotation to slavery. Love you! And love all these exciting updates!

  4. Mariah Lopez
    Mariah Lopez says:

    Carlos “I don’t know I don’t wear skirts baby” 😂😂 The curtains do look so much better what a great DIY!! I can’t wait for the project I know they will look amazing & also give me some ideas for our new home we are now in 😊 I love your aesthetic! 😍 I’m super excited! Love you guys xoxo ❤❤❤

  5. Jenuinely Yours
    Jenuinely Yours says:

    Yasss! Our house is the same, everything is builder grade and I am needing some inspiration on how to design our living room and master bedroom! Loving the back to back vlogs! I have a whole word document of things you have mentioned lol! and the wallpaper is a no for me. Any wallpaper in the master bath for me is a no. Kim you're so spot on about first moving in! I was super overwhelmed when we first moved in. It'll be two years for us in November and we have absolutely no decorations up on any walls except the guest bathroom and mirrors because our budget is telling us to slow down lol. because we live in a colder state, Minnesota, they installed builder grade carpet and I hate it especially with 3 big dogs. My biggest dream for our bathroom is installing a skylight because we have no windows in our bathroom which sucks!

  6. Cheyenne Renteria
    Cheyenne Renteria says:

    you should try the flower beauty by drew berry more the blushes are so pigmented in my opinion. To each their own of course! It was cleaning and laundry day for me too. <3 enjoy your day

  7. See Vang
    See Vang says:

    I’ve been loving the daily vlogs. I hope they’re not too exhausting and draining you and Carlos. Such a treat!

    Carlos’s pleats comment. Lol!!

  8. fétèn zitoun
    fétèn zitoun says:

    Omg u guys, i can't believe that the Carlos channel will be back , i am an old subscriber since Kim was at her moms and i've been through the journey, can't wait for the new subscriber's reaction when they watch and hear Carlos's scary stories !!!


    I literally do the same thing by adding mayo to my my daughter seen me one day eating it that way and was like..Mom wt? I'm like What?? it's really good 😋👍 I like how you decorate your place..looks so cozy and stylish 🥰


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