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  1. tonyasalo
    tonyasalo says:

    I am married to a meat lover. Always has to have meat. And he used to hate tofu. Well I made my chili, no meat but tofu. He loved it. Then our grand daughter made a dessert tofu. Fried it in a little sugar then put it with fresh fruit. Loved it. He has no problem with tofu now.

  2. Karen Brumley
    Karen Brumley says:

    One of my favorite meals is to put a little oil in a pan ..dice up some potatoes and spam about the same size and cook till the potatoes start to soften..add a chopped onion and continue to cook until the potatoes and spam are with grated cheddar cheese and pop. A lid on until the cheese melts..oh add salt and pepper too . yummy

  3. Shelley2655
    Shelley2655 says:

    I love your recipes 😋. My mom back in day would dice some potatoes, diced onion,boil them together, when almost done she'd drain almost all the water, pour it in a 11×7 baking pan. Then she'd pour some canned milk,a spoon of butter,and diced spam, cheese. Carefully stir it together and bake at 375 for 20 minutes. She didn't measure anything and year's later I still make it but back then we got commodities ,lots of different food my mama would throw together with them but the main one I remember is what she called Spam casserole. It was delicious. Oh, she did use salt and pepper. Now day's there are so many spices to choose from but I still make it like my mama did.

  4. Tiffany Roybal
    Tiffany Roybal says:

    My favorite recipe with Spam is Spam fried rice. Cube spam up in small dices, fry in pan or wok. Then add day old cold rice, frozen peas and carrots. Fry with spam, add soy sauce and fry. Add scrambled egg if you like.
    As for the popcorn, you can pop your own microwave popcorn. Use a brown paper lunch bag, a teaspoon of oil to kernels. Poor into bag and fold over top of bag. Pop just like microwave popcorn bag. It works great.

  5. Karen Quick
    Karen Quick says:

    Thanks Maria! As far as Ramen Noodles, when our kids were little, they loved them with a couple of eggs mixed in and cooked, with most of the water drained before. Then each would add as much seasoning as they wanted. Now with eggs expensive… it's still a pretty cheap meal!

  6. nooncactus
    nooncactus says:

    I enjoy your channel and your recipe for chick pea and sweet potato curry is very appealing. If you were trying something new with the super close ups, I hope you go back to a little less close, just a suggestion.

  7. Future Folk
    Future Folk says:

    Spam is highly underrated. A lot of ppl turn their nose up at it, presumably I think that's bc they haven't actually tried it.
    We sometimes just slice it and fry it in a skillet. Make some eggs and voila- breakfast. It's great in an omelette too. It's fantastic chopped small with onions and potatoes for a hash. Some ppl put it on pizza, can't see where you can go wrong with that.
    You can put bbq sauce on it as you fry it- yum. Put it in your baked beans for a salty Smoky flavor.

  8. Rhiahl
    Rhiahl says:

    We used to fry Spam in some butter, brown sugar and a splash of orange juice. I still cook ham that way, good with cranberries too. With kids I'd suggest cutting it up small and putting it in fried rice first. Then gradually let them know what is it. "Yes, you've eaten that before it's in fried rice!"

  9. Judith Dial
    Judith Dial says:

    Im sorry, guess the link was a nono. Should have known, sorry. My fave cheap meal aside from these is a corn chowder made with canned creamed corn and cheddar. Im interested in the spam recipes you get as we dont eat it. The lentil soup looks great, Ill tryit soon. Thanks!


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