Recap Episode plus Paqui One Chip Challenge | I Don’t Know About That with Jim Jefferies #149

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We didn’t have a guest, but that doesn’t stop us! Jack agreed to partake in the Paqui One Chip Challenge, but ended up eating …

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  1. Robert Curtis
    Robert Curtis says:

    Pretty please with pirouettes on my penis can we get Doc Kevin Hackerson back on to talk about quantum mechanics? I need to know Jim's opinions on space, time and matter and the universal influence on human debauchery…?

  2. MyK
    MyK says:

    I have an autistic son who got a hold of our chip and while I was trying to clean it up I accidentally got some in my eye………dude 😢no

  3. Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist says:

    Really funny to see you guys in Sweden!

    Now i've seen 2 out of my 3 must see comics.

    Jim Jefferies and Jimmy Carr… Looking to see Bill Burr in September this year!

    Great gig, laughed alot. Wish you guys the best. Take care!


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