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The long awaited healthy Buckwheat cracker recipe! No high heat oven used, just a dehydrator. A great snack base. Enjoy! To Blender, in order add: 1/2 cup …
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  1. Mary Abraham
    Mary Abraham says:

    Thank you so much for the all the hard work you put into it ..we I appreciate it a lot 🙏🏻 I had a question ???what if some of us we don’t have a dehydrator can we use the oven ???and low temperature please let me know. Thank you so much God bless you🙏🏻🙏🏻💐❤️☀️

  2. Joanna Jordan
    Joanna Jordan says:

    Thank you, Cara!! I got my first batch of buckwheat yesterday. First time ever purchasing it!
    Got it soaking….
    Looking forward to making my delicious crackers tonight!!
    So happy for this recipe.
    I love Markus' chia chips.
    But I need an alternative!!
    Yay! Thanks!💕🎠🌻
    Your Las Vegas neighbor, and Christmas faux fur winner from 2018!💕🌻

  3. radicalaccounting
    radicalaccounting says:

    my biggest problem with raw food is that it's so labor intensive. So I've been using this time to get healthier and try a bunch of new recipes. Then a breakthrough, Costco started carrying Coconuts, on the cheap. I'm going to make your crepes from your cookbook today because I've been wanting crepes and strawberries, a favorite spring treat.

    I love buckwheat so I'll try these too. You favor nut butter so much, you could be sponsored by a nut better food seller. I bought some almond flour and it was rancid. Anyone have a brand of almond flour they have had good luck with so far?

  4. Rozanna
    Rozanna says:

    Thank you so much (!) Cara. This will help me when I have bread cravings. So far I have not really found anything that satisfies but these look very appetizing. Thank yo so much.

  5. Cheryl Relph
    Cheryl Relph says:

    I have made lots of buckwheat crackers, and it really is easier to blend if you add juicy vegetables, or a bit of water. It just might take a few more hours in the dehydrator.

  6. Maureen K
    Maureen K says:

    These crackers are so beautiful–I can't wait to try. But olive oil is not good for arterial health. No oil/butter is. I've heard raw nut or seed butter is probably OK.

  7. Goddess Ella
    Goddess Ella says:

    Hi Markus.  I am looking forward for your video on empowering your spouse…and how NOT TO BE threatened when others compliment your better half. I just ADORE how you LOVE IT when Cara is complimented. MAYBE you could give tips on how to overcome jealousy!!!!!Somethings are just too bloody transparent!!!🦋🦋🦋 (I am so blessed being a woman that empowers her hubby and being empowered by him as well. It is just sad that others are not that fortunate…they just pretend to be.)

  8. JobbaMoscha
    JobbaMoscha says:

    Thank you so much for this delicious recipe, can't wait to try it out after all of this!
    Markus I have to ask you one more very important question please and I cannot find other way to communicate without besides those youtube comment section:
    I have been doing a juice feast for 30 days and straight after that a waterfast for today 31 days. I am to go up to 40 days if I can but also feel I might stop soon. My partner and me are preparing our bodies to create beautiful healthy babies later this year and already purchased 2 x 3 month of your parasite cleanse. I start having little doubts that if I already fasted that long I even have lasting parasites in me and also I weakened my digestion and plan to rebuild my absorption and microbiome. The question I am asking myself if people need years to recover from just a one antibiotic use am I not messing up my microbiome long term if taking those strong all killing herbs for 3 months? I am a bit worried to harm myself especially probably being very sensitive after those long fasts. Would you recommend taking them straight during refeeding or first building up gently for some weeks? Thank you so much for all your work. These times are great time to truly take care of our health!

  9. Ingrid Kuang
    Ingrid Kuang says:

    I just made non-yeast buckwheat bread and enjoy it as toast. Next I'll make these crackers. Hard part is the waiting with the dehydrating. Thank you. You're out of this world!


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