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Summer is in full swing, so time for a few meal options that don’t require much cooking, and are refreshing to eat! These are easy …

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  1. NM Native Nurse
    NM Native Nurse says:

    Great ideas! We will cook baking potatoes in our crockpot and do a baked potato bar. Chicken salad sandwiches are a go to meal for us. Occasionally, if it’s just me at home, I’ll make a smoothie for supper. Refreshing, filling and taste fantastic!

  2. Charlotte Kearn
    Charlotte Kearn says:

    I've never done corn on the cob in a crockpot, great idea, I just bought some at Costco. Will definitely try that Asian coleslaw, I have a head of cabbage hanging around but first have to finish the macaroni salad. A few videos back you were talking about instant grits, you probably won't believe this but I had never had grits before, shocking to a lot of people I'm sure. Anyway I had to get oatmeal and the instant grits were right there and I remembered you so I bought it. The next day I made a serving for myself, put alot of butter on it and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. It was pretty good, the consistency reminded me of cream of wheat, which I haven't had in awhile. Anyway now I like that.😋

  3. comiketiger
    comiketiger says:

    Great ideas once again! I have never thought of the crock pot for corn on the cob! I bet that is supurb! Thank you for sharing all of these!
    God bless all here.

  4. Nicole Wagner
    Nicole Wagner says:

    Yes! Crockpot, and rice cooker all summer long on the days I can't get out and grill. My rice cooker browns and sautés so I not only use it to make rice but boil water for pasta, and cook meat so I don't have to turn on the stove

  5. Phylicia B
    Phylicia B says:

    That Asian slaw looks delicious! I just finished a challenge of my own! 56 meals and 28 snacks that are shelf stable and can easily be cooked using a mess kit and a single burner propane camp stove… for a family of 5 (including 2 teenaged boys)! We are taking a road trip to Yellowstone next month and the recent devastating floods up there made me realize we should be prepared for anything.

  6. Kathleen Scanlon
    Kathleen Scanlon says:

    We love an Asian bagged salad, prepared then add some cucumbers and tomatoes, along with some hard boiled eggs and split a small can of tuna or salmon for a satisfying summer evening meal for 2.

  7. Joy Welsh
    Joy Welsh says:

    We love doing super subs in the summer. Use a $1 loaf of bread from Walmart and add deli meats and cheeses. Then slice into sandwiches and let everyone choose their own toppings.
    We also do a make your own salad bar. I toss a HUGE a bowl full of different lettuces and chopped veggies. Then we set out all the different toppings for everyone to dress their salads with. Eggs, meats, cheeses, nuts, croutons and other chopped veggies and pickled products. This is one of my favorite summer meals!

  8. April Johnson
    April Johnson says:

    I'm in western Washington State and we don't usually have really hot weather. I have a few recipes that I rotate during the summer. An orzo pasta salad, an asian cabbage salad, a noodle and cucumber salad, a hummus plate, and finally tabouli. Basically, cold things that have a high-water content. We are finally getting warm weather this week, so long 60 degree days! I can't decide what to make first.

  9. Free tv and Reviews
    Free tv and Reviews says:

    I have turned to using my mini Wolfgang Puck rice cooker because this heat is too much for me to use my gas stove. The rice cooker cooks things faster than a slow cooker. Banana bread, pineapple upside down cake, spaghetti with meat sauce, steamed veggies, endless recipes…

  10. Ann Swann
    Ann Swann says:

    I love the Asian slaw salad, I often put cubed chicken in it to have a full meal. We’re burning up here in Michigan too, triple digit heat indexes. 🌞 Our meals have been along the same lines as yours -seafood pasta salad, bbq pulled pork Sammie’s and street corn salad. I like to cook in the evening so that we cool off overnight. Last few days been making strawberry jam and that heats things up.


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