Quick Easy Meals That Kids Love | Breakfast Edition

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Here are some easy breakfasts I like to fix for my kids! What kinds of breakfast do you feed your kids? Thanks for watching.

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  1. Leopard Vixen
    Leopard Vixen says:

    Great video! I'm with your daughter! I can eat a bell pepper like an apple too! But not a green one. I love green peppers cooked, not raw! I'll eat red, yellow and orange bell peppers raw and cooked. When I was a kid, if Mom bought them for a recipe she bought extra, she knew I'd chow down!

    I have a tip for flavoring your oatmeal and cream of wheat! If you have fruit that needs to be used whiz it up in a food processor or blender with a splash of lemon or lime juice and a little sugar or honey. Pour it into ice cube trays, the silicone ones work best. Pop them out when fully frozen, store in freezer bags. Add several to the pot when you cook oatmeal or cream of wheat, or let everyone choose their own flavor and add to their bowls. Bonus, it cools it off in the bowls so little mouths don't get burned. You can do the same with leftover pie filling, just whiz it up into smaller pieces, freeze and use the same way. Healthier and cheaper than flavored packets of oatmeal and much tastier! I love apple cinnamon oatmeal, it's amazing using a cube of pie filling!

  2. regina briggs
    regina briggs says:

    I am 61 yrs old and I remember my mom making us farina,malt o' meal. We called it "Drinkable" add it to cup add butter sugar .milk or can milk mixed with powered milk and water .breakfast on the go I made it for my kids and grandkids.

  3. Christy Romeo
    Christy Romeo says:

    You are one of those women who was meant to be a mama bear! You are awesome! Your kids & hubby are lucky to have you! Thank you for sharing your tips, techniques & recipes with us! I am learning so much! You are taking care of all of us too! 😁

  4. Jen Sherman
    Jen Sherman says:

    Beautiful Dutch baby! The leftover breakfast hot cereal is great mixed into pancake or muffin batter too! Elk and eggs, delish! Since I was always a working mom, I would prepare breakfast before bed so I only had to toss in skillet to cook or toss in the oven while getting everyone up and ready for the day. Even busy people should have a hearty breakfast. Your tiny people are truly blessed to have you home with them. Almost to 10k ma’am! Mama B rocks💛💛

  5. Jamie Rosendahl
    Jamie Rosendahl says:

    I give my husband a bowl of oatmeal every single day. We live in northern MN so when we have fresh fruit in our orchard I use that. In the winter I use a dollop of apple butter, applesauce, pumpkin butter, or honey. I am gluten free, I wonder if gf flour would work for a Dutch baby? Beautiful breakfast for your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Countrymouse's Farmhouse
    Countrymouse's Farmhouse says:

    Oh yum. That Dutch baby looks so fluffy , great tip about the room temperature ingredients. What awesome breakfasts. We do loads of oat based breakfasts here like lamington porridge or our version of bircher muesli or Apple oat pancakes etc. Or rice based because we're gluten and dairy free , for the most part , so leftover rice makes fantastic fried rice or creaned rice . Eggs are definitely a favourite here for any meal of the day. Thank you for sharing lovely 💚

  7. ann cc
    ann cc says:

    Have you ever tried putting some fruit inside the farina it I like strawberries with blueberries and you can even try peaches if you want even maybe apples for children you can cut it up you know small or then you would do for yourself but totally of subject is a recipe that my grandma used to do and we nobody knew the recipe I had to figure it out for myself even though I was the one in the allowed to be in the kitchen with her I was very small so I legitimately I had to figure it out soon take one bottle of A1 steak sauce one bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce you can use pork chops or steak either or work cuz she'd use both you take one jar of sauerkraut and you put it on the bottom you cube of potatoes and you put it around the pan and she cooked it on 200 degrees I think that's the lowest setting on the oven and she would cook it for like 2 hours and you know when it's ready is when the potatoes and the socket sauerkraut cause caramelized and you see the little brown edges on the potatoes and OMG it is wonderful and it sticks your ribs is one of those hearty healthy dishes I prefer the pork chop version like that's my favorite my daughter's favorite too I don't think I've cooked the steak version for my kids yet I might even I forgot and she would serve it with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables and like a side salad and you wouldn't have room for the salad because you would have the the roasted potatoes that came with the meat and the sauerkraut I I'll take all the blame for you getting addicted to this dish because it is it is a very addicting dish you know when it's done because like you'll taste it and you like oh my God that's so good I I'm just tasting and like half the pot is gone like half the baking pan is going to be like oh I just had a little taste yeah there's so many different recipes my grandma did and I'm so thankful I was able to figure out the recipes and do them for myself and I'm able to teach my children there's another recipe that she did like it's depression cooking where you you take the potatoes you fry them up with onions like first you put your onions in you put your oil you put your onions you put you put your cute potatoes in or sliced potatoes and then you take the sausage of your preference and you add some jar sauce or homemade sauce whatever you prefer or whatever you have on hand is fine and that's another stick to your ribs type of dish and it that is also very addicted to like I'm just going to taste it and then like half the pan is gone now you can either cook this one in a frying pan on top of the stove or you can do it in the oven but the preferred method is on the stove so you can see how everything you know meshes and it's easier to do it on the stove than it is to do in the oven[, and you just stir potatoes and onions don't stick to the frying pan , when everything is heated through and the potatoes are soft and you know when you stick a fork through and it easily goes through you know your potatoes are done and that's when that dish is done.

  8. Venessa Evans
    Venessa Evans says:

    I made and canned papplesauce last week from my winter pears and winter apples on my homestead and I had a little left over that wasn't enough to can so I put a couple table spoons a day in my oatmeal and cream of wheat last week it was so good.

  9. Dancie Teague
    Dancie Teague says:

    My grits and oatmeal and malt of meal. My thing is cinnamon, apples and walnuts. I been wanting to try the Dutch baby. I have also heard it called German pancake. So I guess it has more than one name. Great meals. Have a blessed day.

  10. April Johnson
    April Johnson says:

    I love dutch baby pancakes which isn't surprising as I love popovers too. I've never been a fan of Cream of Wheat so I don't have any suggestions. I like my oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and dried blueberries.

  11. Nat
    Nat says:

    Another cheese storage tip is wrapping the block in paper towel then plastic wrap or putting in a ziploc. Moisture, as we know, is the enemy of fresh food so the paper towel acts as humidity control.


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