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  1. Kamyk Aster
    Kamyk Aster says:

    Interesting. Why would someone take the time to comment that they like the channel, yet not be a subscriber? How odd. Also – I love the swearing. I think I first subscribed when I saw a video where you were swearing, tossed a box of cling wrap into a corner, and wiped your face with a roll of paper towels. I knew then that I was watching a man who gave no f*cks, and I loved it. I wish you hadn't had to tone it down.

    PABLO MARTIN says:

    So I may have partook prior to making this great meal! But come on! No way you can prep and make this meal in 10 minutes let alone 5. F&^kin great dinner by the way and I had a very Happy family. Challenge you to a stop watch challenge!!

  3. Mr. Bones BBQ
    Mr. Bones BBQ says:

    Great stuff, always up fer a quick after work meal…

    Always informative, an instructional, an I deffo rate yall Very High, mongst alla th spazzez I've ever encountered in me 60 years… :-

  4. the artist
    the artist says:

    Trick with the freeze-dried noodles, cook them in water in the microwave for 1 minute, then let them sit for 2 hours, reheat and they are like freshly made, they have to be rehydrated!
    (old Cup o'Noodles trick)

  5. Maurice Godfrey
    Maurice Godfrey says:

    This was terrific. I went to a local Asian market and finally bought the Soy Paste you have mentioned so often. It's now in my cooking arsenal. I used different noodles (still good) and added a bit of sriracha to serve. As always you make me try new stuff. After a recent trip to IKEA I now have Lingonberry jam for the next time I make the Swedish meatballs. Cranberry sauce was a good substitute though. Thanks Sam and Max! Chance too, of course.

  6. Chico
    Chico says:

    Oh no Sam! You kind of made “Lo Mein” noodles. Chow Mein noodles are crunchy, Lo Mein noodles are soft. Not trying to be rude. I watch everything you make and you have lifted this old cops cooking skills up incredibly.

  7. Jackson Griffith
    Jackson Griffith says:

    Your cooking episodes make the boring aspects of my workday much more entertaining. So, do keep it up. Plus I love to cook, and I’ve learned a lot, and I’m also a subscriber, so you know where you need to send that next garlic press.


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