Pro Chef Turns 2 Rotisserie Chickens Into 4 Meals For Under $12 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious

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Chef Dan Giusti returns to show us just how much is possible with a couple of supermarket rotisserie chickens and some ingenuity …

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  1. Daniel Giusti
    Daniel Giusti says:

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to check out this episode!

    I’m doing my best to come up with some fun, easy and delicious recipes that are inexpensive to put together.

    Let me know what you think :).

  2. BriGuy
    BriGuy says:

    This looks so good I’m only 5 minutes in and the chicken cacciatore looks amazing. I wish I wasn’t so lazy lol. I love rotisserie chicken but I just take it apart and throw in the air fryer lol. I gotta take the time to make this sometime tho

  3. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    I've got to disagree with what he said about black pepper. I don't like cracked black pepper because you get bigger chunks of peppercorn, which I don't like biting into. It's an unpleasant flavor for me. So I prefer buying ground black pepper because I still get the black pepper flavor without getting the chunks of peppercorn. If the grinders were better, I think I'd rather have cracked black pepper, but my experience, so far, has been that they're not.


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