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Today I am sharing how I like to organise, prep and freeze elements of our Christmas dinner in advance to make the day run …

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  1. Andrea Jennyc
    Andrea Jennyc says:

    Thanks for another incredibly helpful cooking video, Kerry! This is SUCH a good idea to get ahead on things early! How long would you cook the carrots and parsnips if you were cooking them from frozen and how long if cooking them thawed? Thank you so much!

  2. Happy Days
    Happy Days says:

    Oh wow amazing advice thank you so much, have ordered the bags as I like BPA free. We freeze a lot of cooked and left over food and I often wonder about using plastic bags being bad for the environment. Also as a survivor (2 years) of mouth cancer I do tend to prefer BP A free products. Yes please to more of the same amazing prep tips, and where do you buy your scented thyme please? Have never seen it before, thanks again we feel really festive now. Might put the christmas tree up this week 🎄🎅😅xx

  3. The Sewing Witch
    The Sewing Witch says:

    Love this video Kerry.
    As a Fibro warrior, all the rushing around on Christmas Day can leave me in a lot of pain. Therefore, I cook my turkey and beef in advance, carve them and freeze them in gravy.
    I then take them out on Christmas Eve and pop them into slow cookers on Christmas Day. I end up with super soft meat that’s packed full of flavour.
    I also make and freeze my stuffing balls in advance.

  4. Earthmagic
    Earthmagic says:

    THANK YOU 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This video was the kick I needed to get into the mood. So much has happened this year, that Christmas was firmly on a back burner. How do you make your mince pies? I wouldn't mind watching you make some.

  5. Dawn Chesters
    Dawn Chesters says:

    I must admit I keep my carrots and parsnips whole, just top and tail them without peeling. I don't cut up the potatoes either. Sprouts are the part of the meal I leave till the end as they're my favourite bit although my husband calls them the devil's testicles. The ones on the stalk will keep growing if you put the stick in water. You've made me hungry now 😋

  6. Jenn1e Harr1s
    Jenn1e Harr1s says:

    Hi Kerry, we’re going out for Christmas dinner this year, any ideas for something light in the evening? We’re having a buffet Christmas Eve so I was trying to think of an alternative.
    Thank you so much as always for your fantastic video.
    I’m going to prep for future Sunday roast dinners xxxc

  7. Kelly Bowen
    Kelly Bowen says:

    What brilliant ideas! I wouldn’t have thought to prep the veggies and freeze but what a good idea, who wants to be peeling and chopping on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day morning, gives you so much more time with the family!
    We like to have ‘picky bits’ on Christmas Eve, have you got any ideas for bite size savoury nibbles? Thank you x

  8. Dee Ferry
    Dee Ferry says:

    What a brilliant video Kerry, I never realized you could freeze carrots & parsnips without blanching, or even your par boiled potatoes (although I should have lol). I've got my christmas turkey, boxing day roast beef, stuffing balls, pigs in blankets all in the freezer ready to go, I've been organizing for a couple of week, thanks to you, I can get the veg done as well. I've still to buy a ham 🙄.I can't thank you enough for these terrific ideas. Thank you soooo much for sharing xx


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