Practically Foolproof System for Poached Eggs – In Bulk or On Demand

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For years, my love of poached eggs was tempered by how hard I found it to make them consistently, perfectly, and in bulk.

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  1. @SeriousKeto
    @SeriousKeto says:

    One thing that wasn't as clear as I wanted it to be:
    If you are making poached eggs in BULK (like a dozen or more) to be served simultaneously, once you transfer the first batch of eggs to the 150F Dutch oven, you will bring the water back up to a boil on the first Dutch oven while straining the next batch of eggs. You'll then simply repeat the process with as many batches as you'd like.

    I made eggs benedict for 12 people a few Easters ago, so I had 24 eggs all holding at 150F and ready to plate in the second Dutch oven. I had the toasted English muffin halves topped with the Canadian bacon on a couple of baking sheets in the oven, holding at 175F. Then I just whipped up a massive batch of Hollandaise and plated it all up, easy peasy.

  2. @JasonStillwell
    @JasonStillwell says:

    Crack 2 eggs into in a bowl with water half an inch above the eggs, and a little vinegar. Microwave for 90 seconds. Perfect. You'll have to tweak the exact number of seconds to your own exact microwave.

  3. @TheHrb1234
    @TheHrb1234 says:

    I dont make poached eggs that often but a few years ago I got a set of silicon egg poachers that sit in a frying pan of boiling water and cook them that way. Very similar just less chance of orphans but a little more cleaning up.

  4. @ChrisQuilts
    @ChrisQuilts says:

    Poached eggs are a favorite of mine so I appreciate your detailing your method and especially being able to make extra and store them. Having them at the ready any morning is a game changer. I need to go back and revisit your Hollandaise video, thanks for putting that in the end card as a reminder to me.

  5. @RadicalGeek42
    @RadicalGeek42 says:

    I definitely agree. I did not like the presoak in 50/50 vinegar to water solution. I look forward to trying this bulk technique. Lately I have been lazy and instead of poached, gone with coddled.

  6. @StevePerryisthebest
    @StevePerryisthebest says:

    Hi Steve, the Chef's in Germany "swirl" the water before they drop the egg into the water (so that the egg-whites surround the egg-yolks more evenly) – that's how I've learned to make poached eggs! 😊

    Nice greetings from Germany,
    Ela 🤗

  7. @mdpolaris
    @mdpolaris says:

    I'll have to try those biscuits. I made a loaf of bread from Victoria's site, but to me there was a funny taste. I watched the video from Wes before and he didn't comment on that. Have you noticed a bitter taste to those biscuits? I thought I added too much baking powder, but I triple checked and it matched the recipe. Just curious about your experience. Thanks for the content as always!


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