Power Pressure Cooker XL Review & Minestrone Soup Demo

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Today I share my thoughts on using an electric pressure cooker over the past 3 months, and take you through the creation of a typical vegan minestrone style …

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  1. John P Child
    John P Child says:

    The only disappointment is that there is no way in the world to blow up the neighborhood with the electric pressure cooker … no way to do yourself in with one of these things… not like the old scarey on the stove types… uber-safe!

  2. Andrea L
    Andrea L says:

    Yaaay I bought this pressure cooker hoping I could follow all the vegan instant pot recipes with it.
    I took a chance looking for vegan power pressure cooker xl recipes and whaaat one of my favorite vegan youtubers has a recipe video? Peach cobbler when I have a TON of ripe peaches? I never would've thought of that!
    The stars aligned for me today haha. Even though I missed out on the discount;)

  3. Aydan Sharp
    Aydan Sharp says:

    Fantastic idea! A happy Healthy Vegan pressure cooker cookbook! I just got my instant pot a few weeks ago. I have yet to make proper rice! I followed the directions that came with it and it's is always mush. Darn. I have your current book and am waiting on the edge of my seat for the next one!! Luv you guys!!

  4. vicky shoupe
    vicky shoupe says:

    You can also can meals in it as well. Put up a whole bunch of meals in case you need food. Wether we are vegan or a meat eaters, we should be prepared for any emergency or hard times. I buy veggies while they are cheap and save a lot of money that way.

  5. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    hey I've been seeing a lot of infomercials. I'm curious how the cleanup is. Does it come apart is it this dishwasher safe that kind of stuff

  6. Zeke the Freak
    Zeke the Freak says:

    I can't believe you guys cut onions and garlic out! I love onions and garlic in my foods. I have been married for 10 years and my husband can get over it if I stink…lol! We have seen each other at our best and worst so some stinky garlic breath isn't that bad…lol! Plus, trying to cut down on salt and garlic helps me with that.

  7. PaintedRavensong
    PaintedRavensong says:

    Hi Anji. I just got an Instant pot and want to do the rice and potatoes at the same time. Do you use the amount of water for the rice or add more? Do you just layer chopped potato on top of the rice?

  8. Allan Kristensen
    Allan Kristensen says:

    I really love you guys' videos, and your recipe vids always makes me want to go eat some more – this one is no exception 🙂

    If you (or anyone) want some inspiration for delicious vegan pressurecooked food, I've stumbled upon Jill on the channel called "Simple Daily Recipes" – https://www.youtube.com/user/SimpleDailyRecipes. She is a true original – and a very humorous one at that.

    I have no affiliation with her or the channel, I just straight up enjoy the stuff she's making.

    Looking forward to seeing more pressurecooked stuff from HHV =)

    EDIT: If you want to see only the pressurecooked ones, make a search on her channel for "instant pot", which is the brand she seems to be using. Or use this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/SimpleDailyRecipes/search?query=instant+pot

  9. tweety1028801
    tweety1028801 says:

    I bought one yesterday after watching this at a local store and today went to use it and no power😦. Exchanged it for another and it works perfect. Definitely will be using this alot. I think you should make a pressure cooker ebook.

  10. Jamie Robinson
    Jamie Robinson says:

    I love my PC and would love a recipe book from Anji!
    This is going to be one of my longest posts on YT ever I think.
    I love the pressure cooker so much that I am constantly telling everyone about it. The aren't scary like the ones that were used by past generations. What a time saver it is and a money saver from not buying canned beans. And also you save money because you can save all of your veggie and herb scraps (except cruciferous veg) in the freezer and once you have a big container full you put it in the PC with water as full as it can go, turn it on high pressure for about 10 mins and you have veggie stock for all uses and it is healthier than store bought stock.


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