Power Pressure Cooker XL Digital 8 qt. Pressure Cooker w/ Dual Racks on QVC

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  1. Jewett Snook
    Jewett Snook says:

    Very nice demo but please don't buy this
    product! I did and was very happy with the cooking results. I bought mine on
    9/2/18 and used it 3 times the first week. I stored it in my closet in it's
    original box because I don't have cabinet space for it. Brought it out last
    week and cooked 2 pork roast, "for pulled pork" which came out great.
    That's a total of 5 times using it. Brought it out again this morning and rinsed the pot, to cook 2 more. I noticed shiny spots in the bottom of the pot. On a closer look the coating was coming
    off in several places. I only used wooden or plastic made for coated pans to
    remove or stir anything I had in the cooker. Never stored anything in it
    either. I'm over my 60 day warranty so they can't do anything to help me. I
    have 7 more roast to cook for a Benefit, guess I'll do it the old fashion way
    "takes 24hrs" in a crock pot. Guess I'll keep it for canning. My
    suggestion is to buy one with a pot that's not coated!


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