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  1. Jacquelyn Dobson
    Jacquelyn Dobson says:

    You do not salt your awesome recipes enuf. Black people are not afraid. I thought u r latina! Y'all season too.
    Your PS looks ALMOST. Perfect. Perfect would be way more salt and a lot more relish and mustard. Only white folk make PS same pasty complexion as them. Who wants that?

    You get a ab olus

  2. Gisela Reichert
    Gisela Reichert says:

    Please cut the sugar in half, add more vinegar, and a good Dutch of wostershire sauce, and how about some parsley,?
    And add eggs last,that way they don't go rubbery. Lobve watching your videos, I am 84 and still learning .

  3. Ms. Blue
    Ms. Blue says:

    Leaving the skin on while boiling them is the secret to delicious potato salad. The skin contains the delicious taste of the potato. Boiling skinless potatoes will give you a tasteless potato salad.
    Also, remove the potato from the skin as soon as you can handle the hot potato, don't allow the cooked potato get cold in the shin.
    After each hot potato is peeled and cubed, sprinkle with sugar and salt then throw them into your finely chopped celery and onion. The hot cubed potato will draw the flavor out of the celery and onion.

  4. Cathy Richard
    Cathy Richard says:

    I'm an 80 year young Cajun cook. Cut this long process by more than half by boiling eggs and potatoes with skin the night before. After boiled, drain all in colander and leave on countertop overnight.
    Saves sooo much time next day when putting salad together! No waiting for potatoes to cool off!
    Your recipe looks delicious!


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