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Sizzling hot gamjatang is hearty and savory which makes it always popular at the dinner table. The soft fatty meat picked from the gaps between the bones is …
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  1. Hedy S
    Hedy S says:

    망치님 이 감자탕 레시피는 진짜 대박이에요. 너무 맛있어요. 그런데 표고버섯을 우려내고 빼내시는데 이유를 여쭤봐도 될까요? 그냥 같이 끝까지 끓여먹어도 상관없나요?
    항상 다양한 한식레시피 세계로 알려주셔서 존경하고 좋아합니다♡

  2. Guillermo Becerra
    Guillermo Becerra says:

    When I visited korea i got lost and didn't make to my destination i got out in a small town where I had lunch in a restaurant with Many old people no body spoke english i had no idea on what to order i was skeptical about eating there when I tasted it turned to be the most delicious meal a ever had in korea I came back to american visiting every single korean supermarket and restaurants in town but the taste of ther food can't be compare untill this day I remember the taste

  3. G Manu
    G Manu says:

    Hello Maangchi! Just wanna ask, Is gamjatang similar to haejangguk? Because I wanted to cook pyo haejangguk. When I was in Korea I always eat pyo haejangguk in Sikdang, I miss it

  4. Lai & Jerry
    Lai & Jerry says:

    I always love your videos and recipes..even up to now i am making traditional kimchi using your recipe here in US… i learned how to make kimchi in South korea but yours is better..one of these days i will try to make gamjatang coz i miss to eat that korean food..hope i can find some of the ingredients in our asian store here

  5. Shonda SheWrites
    Shonda SheWrites says:

    I absolutely LOVE how clean and meticulous you are with food. Ingredients should be treated with care and respect because it is our nourishment. And it tastes so much better when it's treated with love. I want to make a winter soup and this is the first one I am making! Thanks Maangchi!

  6. ipip345
    ipip345 says:

    I love Gamjatang!!! It’s my favourite Korean dish in Toronto. I especially love the bone marrow😋😋😋 I was an overseas student and now I am back to HK. With this recipe i can finally make it at home. Thanks Maangchi 💛💛


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