Poor Man´s Winter Soup | Healthy & Affordable Recipe to WARM your Soul

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EPISODE 820 – How to Make a Poor Man´s Winter Soup | Sopa de Invierno a lo Pobre Recipe FULL RECIPE HERE: …

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  1. sanam shaikh
    sanam shaikh says:

    मुझे आपका चैनल बहुत पसंद है। बेहतरीन काम करते रहो। आपका चैनल KHAL साइट पर आने का हकदार है और मुझे यकीन है कि आपके वीडियो उनके होम पेज पर प्रदर्शित होंगे

  2. SouLoveReal _
    SouLoveReal _ says:

    Albert: Delicious. I have all of these ingredients right now; even the broccoli. Also, it's still cold here, that even
    my SOUL is a bit chilly🥶So… a WILL-make, for sure. Thanks again. (Fan from San Francisco, California.) *!!~

  3. Mark Beedy
    Mark Beedy says:

    Yum. I will add this recipe to my Spain on a Fork soups. Thank you Albert for sharing and for all of the work that you do to present your recipes to us. It is much appreciated.


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