Plant Based What I Eat In A Week | sweet potato curry, falafel, spicy caesar wrap, healthy dessert

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Hi beautiful people! I’m back and sharing some of my recent eats! I hope you enjoy this video and give some of the recipes a try.

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  1. TheSnappleapple17
    TheSnappleapple17 says:

    I love your channel. I’ve made so many of your recipes. I’ve done raw vegan for 3 days last summer and I think you’ll really enjoy it (particularly the creativity that is required to be raw). God bless you girlie.

  2. Ronishea Richardson
    Ronishea Richardson says:

    Wow it’s crazy that you said you were told not to eat the seeds because a watermelon would grow in your stomach I was told the same thing when I was a child I just told my fiancé a few weeks ago while I was eating watermelon that either my mom or older brother told me this glad to know I wasn’t the only person that heard this lie as a kid 🤣

  3. Kx
    Kx says:

    that pink blouse is really beautiful on you, that color is really your color
    thanks for the amazing recipes and just for the fun and relaxing watch and chat

  4. Dawn Reynolds
    Dawn Reynolds says:

    I'm so excited to see a few videos on your raw Vegan week challenge. I to just got a new juicer. I have been juicing over the weekend. I was not disappointed in the fresh juices I made. I'm Vegan but not a Raw Vegan. I do have a few recipes I use that are raw. I feel like juicing is a step in the right direction to include more raw options in my food choices. I hope to be more raw Vegan it's a goal I'm striving for, while also taking my time to explore raw Vegan. Thank you for this amazing video, you to are an inspiring fellow Vegan I look up to.

  5. Don_Tastic
    Don_Tastic says:

    Hello sunshine! Can you talk about how you and your husband work through the weekly meals? I struggle to stay plant based because I don’t often have the time or desire to cook 2 meals all the time

  6. Jessi James
    Jessi James says:

    Oh your curry!! If you want to take it up a notch try red onions and sauté until Carmelized (Indian lady taught me this) and the Indian stores sell organic ginger/garlic paste (mantra is what I buy) those two things right there take my curry up a notch! You won’t regret it! Your curry recipe is on point!

  7. Next Level Suki🚀
    Next Level Suki🚀 says:

    Amazing recipes! I just had my first falafel pita yesterday and it was amazing! Got it from a restaurant and it looked just like the one you made. Also, good luck on your 7 days Raw! I just completed 30 days Raw Vegan! You will feel amazing!💪🏽🔥

  8. Jessi James
    Jessi James says:

    Hey girl,

    Here is my ranch recipe:
    Cocojune yogurt
    Fresh Dill
    Fresh Parsley
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder

    You don’t have to use fresh herbs I have used dried before and let it sit a bit. It was still bomb.

    Air fry some potatoes and dip! So bomb.

  9. Jamin Waite
    Jamin Waite says:

    I did a week of about 99% raw vegan with plenty of juices and salads to try and maximize the amount of fruits and veggies I was eating. Annddd, have you made kale chips in the air fryer yet? I finally tried it and it was addictive. Immediately crushed the first batch and the second.

  10. TraciLaTrice
    TraciLaTrice says:

    When I initially went vegan several years ago, I did raw vegan for 30 days. Best decision ever for my “congested digestion”. It was surprisingly easy & the recipes were satiating & delicious. I still occasionally do it from time to time to reset. Can’t wait to see what you create!

  11. Designed For Him
    Designed For Him says:

    The African American urge to say "this right here" twice, lol! 😂 That apple juice looked so good; it's also a reminder for me of how processed even the organic juice is in the store. And not Brandon scraping the bowl 😅

  12. auntletha
    auntletha says:

    I did raw vegan for 30 days. It started off as 1 week but the ladies in the group I was in was doing more days and I decided to go longer. It felt so good having that support too. We will be doing another challenge soon and its called smoothies, sea moss, salads and sit ups for 14 days. I used my dehydrator to help when I wanted a sandwich and made "raw bread" and crackers out of juice pulp.


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