Plant Based Vegan Corn Tortillas (Gluten free)

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These Plant Based VeganCorn Tortillas are so simple to make that you will never buy store bought tortillas again and they have the added benefit of only having …

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  1. Bill Christian
    Bill Christian says:

    I was wondering what would happen if the dough was liquified more into a runny batter consistency and then poured onto your round pan like a crepe and made that way. I was wondering if they would still hold together and could be used for tacos or just as crepes?

  2. Gale Keeler
    Gale Keeler says:

    So excited to say I made homemade tortillas last night. I started from scratch using "chicken feed" corn(recommended from another channel), did the nixtamilization process, ground it up, and made my tortillas. The best corn tortillas I've ever had.

  3. G Vas
    G Vas says:

    Hi. Glad to see you make one of my favorites. I don't eat them much because for the most part the tortillas here in the US are made from GMO corn. By the way I am from Mexico and the tortillas there are also most likely from GMO corn, but taste way better than any tortillas sold in the US.
    A quick tip…..when you see a word in spanish that has the letter H in the begining, the H is silent 😊
    On the tortilla press, you can also use a zip tie bag, just cut around the edges, except one edge, that works great too.
    Great recipe, will try this Masa Harina and see if it is good.

    Thanks 🤗

  4. Diesel Max
    Diesel Max says:

    Something I found out is if you cover them up with a tea towel in a basket the warmth from each tortilla helps keep them soft and pliable . You can get terra cotta pots made to keep them warm instead of the basket and tea towel but both work.


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