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Ya know how you forget to soak your pinto beans to make a big pot of them? Well now you don’t have to worry about that if you have the Instant Pot. It is so easy!
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  1. bdh70
    bdh70 says:

    I've always heard that if you salt your beans before you cook them it makes them tough or hard or something. I just salt them after. I just love my Instant Pot for cooking beans! I never soak them, and they always come out perfect. I have done Great Northern Beans, Black Beans, Ceci Beans and Kidney Beans and I wouldn't cook them any other way!

  2. TheTrueRae Smile
    TheTrueRae Smile says:

    I wish I had one of those pots!! Those beans made me very hungry…. Wow …. Yummy and you make them sound even better! "smile". I had a Nesco little pressure cooker, but like you said the inside was the non stick stuff. It began peeling off into my food so I can no longer use it. The stainless will be the only way to go for sure…. I looked it up and way too much for me. Maybe someday. Thank you so much Debbie for all your recipes and videos. I just love your channel!

  3. raimcg
    raimcg says:

    Thanks Debbie for another great video and recipe. I too have an instant pot and I am in love with mine as well. The main reason I prefer instant pot over other pressure cookers, other than the fact they are A perfect cooking machine, is the fact that it is stainless steel and not nonstick. The dangers of cooking in nonstick cookware are well known especially if using a higher temperature and anyone who values their health will find an alternative way to cook i.e. cast-iron being the best option in my opinion. Thank you again for all of your wonderful videos. You have a warm inviting way about you that makes people feel like they’re sitting at your kitchen table And that is a rare quality.


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