PHYSIQUE UPDATE🏃‍♀️//I started running 5km a day and here’s what happened!

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Hey guys! I thought it was time I did a physique update as it’s been a while! In this video I’ll go through my entire weight loss …

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  1. Human Complex
    Human Complex says:

    Hi Chelsea, thanks so much for your content. Just found you two weeks ago and started implementing your food tips. Has been a bit of a change, though, I already ate a lot of fruit for breakfast and vegetables for dinner, lunch was just not right at all. Hangry all day because of it. Never heard of the concept of eating more potatoes instead of bread, but the change is big. Feel really different all day because of it. But most importantly, you made me aware of the fact that oil is just like refined sugar: nothing wrong with fat, just not that kind. Looking at flour as refined grains helps to get it too. What now is basically going on every meal here is that all the food I eat has a health benefit and I am aware of what actually is not a food anymore at all. After two weeks of doing this, I didn't have PMS before my period, which is awesome and unexpected. Feels so good that I am allowed to make a mistake, but make it with the "next best thing", a great concept that is. Looking to learn this over time, since now it is still a bit of a struggle to figure out what to eat when etc, but I am sure in a few month's time this investment I make now will prove worthwhile

  2. Emma Ansell
    Emma Ansell says:

    Thanks for another valuable insight into weight loss. Would love an in-depth dive into your story! Thanks for sharing all your hard gained knowledge. X

  3. Miryam Koch
    Miryam Koch says:

    Can you post what kind of under desk walking treadmill you have and do you like it you think it was a good investment was it super expensive I live in the states and I'm just wondering where I can get something like that that someone else has already basically done a test run with since I don't have a big budget. Thanks a million I love all of your videos and I find you to be very fun to watch and inspirational and informative all at the same time. You're a blast! Thank you so much about your message having to do with consistency I think that is the biggest thing that I am working on right now

  4. Cycling On Plants
    Cycling On Plants says:

    Hi Chelsea 🤗 I completely agree with this. I have a very sedentary day job working at a computer desk all day and Winter is bad here in Canada so ice and very cold temps can sometimes come in the way of going for regular walks outside etc… I still do indoor cycling on my trainer and also go out and ride the snowy trails on my fat bike with studded tires but if I'm not careful (watch the snacking ) I do notice some weight creep – it's never more than about 4 lbs but it happens. As soon as the weather becomes more favourable and I add a couple more short walks to my day and longer road bike rides, I find that these extra few pounds just effortlessly disappear. I probably eat a bit more too when doing the long road rides too but it seems to balance out.

  5. anne webber
    anne webber says:

    hi girl so happy i found your channel ,i am not a vegan or veg but to bet honest im not really fond of meat ,so i am going to try going plant diet ,i love veg and pots ,i have tried keto and i could never in my life eat another egg ,i need to loss about 20 lbs i live in the uk england ,loving you videos xxx

  6. Jannisha Townsend
    Jannisha Townsend says:

    I did the potatoe reset and lost two pounds as well but stopped because I thought it wasn’t coming off quick. Now I’m looking for a macro trainer as well but I started back running as well.

  7. Lucie B
    Lucie B says:

    Runnning for long distances for large periods of time causes enlarged heart and scar tissue on the heart. This is why marathon runners often have scar tissue on the heart. I would look into it if I were you before you commit to this level of running, as it is not a normal state for the human body.

  8. Rena Wren
    Rena Wren says:

    I have a desk that moves up and down and i also have a desk bike. So I can sit, bike, stand,etc. I love it. I may also get the under desk treadmill as an option!

  9. Lisa Jenkins
    Lisa Jenkins says:

    I swim .5 mi daily as part of my training for a tri aqua bike (my first!). I think the daily consistent exercise has not only changed my body (shape, weight, muscle definition, etc) but it improves my sleep and well my self confidence is soaring too. And the aerobic conditioning is off the scale. And I have respiratory allergies with symptoms similar to asthma and my breathing is sooo much better. I found at first I was more hungry. Since then, the loss has been more FAT loss than anything (although I haven't weighed myself).

  10. j post
    j post says:

    Thank you, Chelsea, Thank you for your honesty. I been walking/hiking 5-6 miles daily, thinking about running, just so I'm not bored, and it would be quicker. I went from a high energy job to sit down computer and home. My body is so different, not happy. So, I'm trying to get back up and be responsible about my weight. Thank you again, it does help w/ people in the same area and all of us together, trying to pull through. Blessings to you. Luv J

  11. Jennifer Capone
    Jennifer Capone says:

    I was in LWP previously and decided to leave just because I needed something with a tad more accountability for a time, but I would recommend this program to anyone. It is such a great community and I do hope to rejoin when I’m a little further along in my journey. Still love watching your videos though! So knowledgeable. 🙂

  12. Dorro
    Dorro says:

    I'd love to see another meal prep video! You could do several for different kinds of people, for example I live alone and I don't want to cook everyday. Also, I really want to cook efficiently and not get old forgotten veggies that are wasted. So to able to prepare the weeks lunches and not be left with a quarter of this and half of that in the fridge would be great!

  13. Vee Gee
    Vee Gee says:

    Wanting to build muscle, it’s difficult to measure with weight.. as loss of weight is not necessarily the right direction. So have to rely on how the body feels and how things fit.. Anyone else in this situation with any thoughts?

  14. Natalie R
    Natalie R says:

    Aaahh I’ve recently started running daily too! Got the buzz back for it after time off- great to ‘pace yourself’ with your passions and keep the methods varied 🥰

  15. Stephanie Waskoenig
    Stephanie Waskoenig says:

    I actually go home to America a couple of times a year (I live full time in Europe) but by maintains a WFPB diet and staying fairly consistent with my training I don’t actually gain weight. Or if I do, it’s just bloating from the air travel which is gone in 2 days anyway. So it may not be an issue for you at all. Loved the video and would be interested in the “full story” if you want to share


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