Phil Robertson Chose Ducks Over Pro Football & Doesn't Regret It

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Reluctant “Duck Dynasty” star and “Unashamed” podcast host Phil Robertson joins Christian to talk about why he walked away …

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  1. erlinda romero
    erlinda romero says:

    That was so good to watch. Like Phil said talking about Jesus does the world grand. So we'll done, said and true. All of you brought a point about Jesus waiting for the New Jerusalem. 😇😇😇

  2. james clark
    james clark says:

    Galatians 5-22-23 was the scripture I leaned on to beat drugs. I prayed Lord, I have some of the fruits but absolutely no self control. It wasn't immediate, but shortly I had self control. A BLESSING I will always acknowledge and share.
    God does Loves us!

  3. Shirley Barrie
    Shirley Barrie says:

    Great photo of a inspiring loving family!! I myself at 67 now started keto 21 months back now a size 6 petite and feeling good . Arthritis has decreased and my joint pain and mobility has improved so so much . Inflammation gone no pills no supplements


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