Perfect Pork Loin 🐷 Low-Carb & Keto


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Pork loin is often forgotten – or simply considered a dry piece or pork meat. However, if we cook it low and slow, we can have a very juicy and delicious piece of …
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27 replies
  1. Reb MCMG
    Reb MCMG says:

    no you dont have the views as some cooks/chefs who put in less work.No you dont have the subs as others but please please please KEEP GOING!!!..i love it and appreciate your time and efforts put into your channel

  2. Crafty Stash
    Crafty Stash says:

    The best cut of pork for such a fantastic price..our favorite for sure.. Sam's club always has great deals on it..we like ours a bit pink..will try your recipe..been bingeing your videos 🙂 and cleaning up, because, ants…

  3. Amber Hines
    Amber Hines says:

    It does look a bit like a tootsie roll…LOL…I have to try this. I use chocolate in my chili, so I'm definitely open to cocoa on my pork loin 🙂 Chocolate is an underrated savory ingredient, IMHO

  4. SoulStitch 11:11
    SoulStitch 11:11 says:

    Synchronicity. I made Pork Loin last night, wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cream cheese & Jalapenos, with brussel sprouts & cauliflower in the pan, I used Nutmeg on the veggies, Ghee & just a dollop of ricotta cheese. Was a perfect Christmas dinner. Thank you as always from Texas.


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