Pasta Sokolatina: Moist Chocolate Cream Cake

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  1. Mary Anazou
    Mary Anazou says:

    Hi Dimitra – we really enjoy your wonderful recipes down under Australia – I have mastered the paximadia 🥰 Now to master a zillion other of your amazing creations – Honestly ? Please consider putting a book together as lots of us are old school and would love to have your book on our kitchen bench 😊
    Ps. I would be happy to promote it here for you in the near future

  2. Roula Stergianis
    Roula Stergianis says:

    Δήμητρα μου αρέσουν πολύ οι συνταγές σου αυτά που φτιάχνουμε με τις εγγονουλες μου πολύ είναι τα αμυγδαλωτα. Thank You very much and Have a Happy New Year!!!

  3. KelZ X
    KelZ X says:

    I thought you were about to use that Insta Pot for this recipe 😉😝
    I’m going to amaze my family/friends away with your spanakopita and galaktoboureko. If I can master those 2 then I’ll tackle … attempt this one

  4. Chris Pedersen
    Chris Pedersen says:

    Hi Dimitra, could you please tell me the measure of your tablespoon. Some are 15 ml and some like Australia are 20ml. This can effect successful outcome of recipe.
    Thanks for your great videos😆

  5. n11kos
    n11kos says:

    I will love to make this cake. Made your spanogopita recipes. They were delicious. Can you please give us the measurement of one cup in grams as I dont have measuring cups.
    Thank you.


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