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  1. 2012lizziegirl
    2012lizziegirl says:

    When you were making bread in the video you said 6-7 cups of flour but I heard 67 cups of flour I was like what the heck why would you us that much flour really took me a min lol

  2. Laura Jackson
    Laura Jackson says:

    @frugalfitmom I cannot believe that this is the 2nd video where you missed the opportunity to insert a movie reference. Have you not seen Ever After? Literally, the best live action Cinderella to exist. Step-sister Jacqueline, "I'm only here for the food". 😂

  3. Jeni Isabella Rodriguez
    Jeni Isabella Rodriguez says:

    thank u for this video!!!! it came at the perfect time- we are going camping in 2 weeks, so thank u fir all of the great ideas! My daughters will be baking muffins and breads , making granola and energy balls, we are going to grill a-lot of chicken and make those wraps (i have been making these wraps for a while now and we all love them). Ill be binge watching all of your camping videos to get more ideas. sending you love and light

  4. Kate Wiium
    Kate Wiium says:

    Thank you for showing us the camping photos they were really fun and enjoyable! You have such a fantastic family, you have raised them so great they are all such fun children!

  5. Kathi M
    Kathi M says:

    You have so many other flavours of Oreo cookies in the US. Where I am in SW Ontario, one of our favourites is a peanut butter cheesecake Oreo.

  6. Stacey's Stash
    Stacey's Stash says:

    It's crazy seeing your kids as they grow!! I never think I've been following a channel long until I look back and see how young the kids were when I started watching!!

  7. lonereed1
    lonereed1 says:

    How do you refrigerate all these items while you're camping? My husband and I mostly do backpacking so we never do anything that requires refrigeration.

  8. Nicole Tierheimer
    Nicole Tierheimer says:

    We are going on a trip in our electric car through the southwest and I am making hard boiled eggs, string cheese, sandwiches, and a salad from downshiftology for breakfasts and lunches for two of us! So much fun

  9. Sandra Dummer
    Sandra Dummer says:

    There nothing I love better then having a very clean refrigerator. My hubby and grown son throw everything back into the frig after eating left-overs, or a half empty container. Drives me crazy.


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